Cat Rings Bell To Receive Treat, But Watch What He Does When The Treats Run Out!

As we all know, cats are pretty smart. While dogs are trained to sit and stay, cats can learn cool tricks just the same. And like all animals, cats work great when treats serve as a motivator and reward for a job well done. In the case of this cat, he’s obviously a fan of the treats. And his human has taught him something pretty clever: each time he rings the bell, he is rewarded with a treat for good behavior. But, what about when those treats begin to run out? What do you think he’ll do then? Watch and see!

That is one smart kitty! It’s almost as if he knew his human was bluffing, and with a couple rings of that bell she would fold and give him what he really wanted! We’re not too sure about that getup he’s wearing, because most cats do not prefer to wear clothes.  And it’s not like we’d expect them to hide all that beautiful fur anyway! Share this clever cat’s trick with your cat admirer friends!


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