Cat Plays Amidst The Falling Autumn Leaves


I’ve always loved Autumn, it is my favorite season of all! I love the falling leaves in different hues of red, orange, yellow and olive green color covering the grounds around the trees like a beautiful painting. I remember, as a child, I’d go and run between the trees at the park, loving the sound of the leaves under my feet as I ran around. I enjoyed it so much and would catch the falling leaves that fell from the branches of the trees – it was a truly magical time for me!

Pudge looks like he feels the same way. Look at how he looked out and yearned to be outside to play among the leaves on the ground, watching the leaves fall slowly, gracefully. And when he was finally outside, joy of all joys, look at him go!


Pudge is so beautiful and I love her innocence, the sheer joy she felt as she ran around with the leaves underneath her paws, truly joie de vivre! Share this cute video and let’s see how many cat lovers love autumn just like me and Pudge! 🙂

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