Cat Makes Sure The Dog Stays Put–By Holding His Leash!

| Published on November 16, 2015

Cats rule and dogs drool!

When dogs and cats live under the same roof, it’s usually the cat who comes out as the bossy one. And we’ve seen a lot of videos that prove that–videos like cats stealing beds from dogs, or cats blocking the stairs so the dog can’t pass.

And it’s not just inside the house that cats show their bossiness. A cat and two dogs are hanging out at the park. One dog goes off sniffing the ground and exploring. However, one dog stays behind because the strict kitty won’t let go of his leash! This cat is not about to let this canine go off-leash at this park! Check out the video below!

This kitty surely knows how to show the dog who’s boss!

Sorry doggy, this cat guardian won’t let his eyes off you! So, you’re on a short leash for now!

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