Kitten’s Life Is Saved Thanks To The Little Boy Who Told His Teacher To Call The Police

In Clayton, North Carolina, a kitten stuck in a storm drain was saved thanks to a 4-year-old boy, his teachers, an animal control officer and two firefighters.

Four-year-old Camden and his mom Sara Tolley, were walking towards Camden’s preschool at Horne Memorial United Methodist Church, when Camden suddenly heard faint cries of a kitten coming from a storm drain near the Hocutt-Ellington Memorial Library.

Source: WNCN
Source: Screen Shot via WNCN


The boy was worried for the little kitty, so when he got to the school, he told his teacher about it and asked her to called the police.

Source: WNCN
Source: Screen Shot via WNCN


Animal Control Officer Angela Lee went to the area and realized she needed firefighters to help rescue the stuck kitty. Thankfully, two firefighters immediately went to the scene, climbed down the storm drain and rescued the poor baby.

Source: WNCN
Source: Screen Shot via WNCN


The kitty was cold and soaking wet, but he was lucky to be alive. Watch the video below and see the raw footage of the rescue!

Thanks to Camden, the kitty was rescued! A big thanks to his teachers also for calling the police, and to the animal control officer and the firefighters for their efforts in rescuing the poor kitty!

(h/t: WNCN )

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