Cat Imitates A Hamster And Finds His Very Own Exercise Wheel


If you bring in a new pet hamster to your home, how would your cat react?

Most cats would probably be stalking it like prey. And if ever the hamster gets out of its tiny cage, then there’d probably be a lot of chasing!

But for this cat, all he does is stare at the hamster and observe. Twitter user PyonPyon_Chang has a cat who quietly observes and learns from the hamster’s behavior.

The cat has been doing this everyday for quite some time. Then one day PyonPyon_Chang was surprised to see her cat imitating the hamster! Watch the video below!

LOL! The cat has found himself his very own exercise wheel! This is what he learned after days of carefully observing the hamster!

Has your cat ever imitated behavior from other animals? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

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