Only Dog Brother Knows Where His Cat Buddy Hides & It’s The Coziest Spot

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on February 6, 2023

When Chip the cat wanted to slip away from the world for a bit of peace and quiet, he found a hiding spot so purrfect, his mom had to ask dog bro Theodore if he knew where to find Chip. Theodore outed the clever kitty in a hurry, and you won’t believe where Chip was hiding. Let’s just say Theodore had a big part in helping the wily tabby hide!

Mom Melanie Shields posted the silly moment to TikTok, and with almost sixteen million views and 3.3 million likes, the social media world has fallen for Theodore and Chip’s sibling shenanigans! And if you just love when kitties and pups come together in cuteness, check out Cats & Dogs Are Perfect Angels…Until They Aren’t!

Chip & Theodore, Buddies for Life

Theodore is a Bernese Mountain dog, and that means he’s one big dog. These large furry pups can easily weigh one hundred pounds or more. And Theodore uses his impressive size to hide Chip. Really, it’s not so much that Theodore is giving Chip the ultimate place to hide. Theodore is actually cuddling his kitty brother close.

In the video, looking at the camera with the sweetest eyes, Theodore listens as his mom asks, “Theodore, where’s Chippy?”

And surprise, there’s a gray tabby cat beneath that dog!

When Melanie shared the video of her asking Theodore about Chip’s whereabouts, TikTok lit up with laughter and comments. With a moment so funny and cute, there’s no surprise social media loved the cat and dog duo.

Love and Laughs from the Comments

More than 12k comments have appeared on the post since it was first shared, and within all that love for Theodore and Chip, there are many laughs to be found.

“Pretty sure Chip was nice and cozy underneath there,” surmised one watcher.

Another said, “I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him.”

And yet another was tickled by Chip’s pop-up performance, writing, “He popped up like “I WAS WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO ASK.”

Through their laughter, someone commented, “Blink twice if you’re not ok chippy.”

“Chippy looked at you like, ‘I’ll cut you for messing my nap up,’” joked another.

But that could be true. Cats are particular about their naps. Here’s proof: Grab Your Blankies & Relax With Some Cat Nap Cuties!

For those who worry Chip doesn’t like it, Melanie set the record straight in the caption of the post, “You’d never know this cat beats his a$$ on a daily.”

Really though, Chip and Theodore love each other and their Bernese Mountain dog sister, Fifi. Together with their family, they’re the “aggressive snuggler club.”

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Feature Image: @fifiloveschip/TikTok