Cat Gives His Soldier Dad A Warm Welcome Home

Look at this Ragdoll cat, see how she welcomes her soldier dad home after a drill? She sure doesn’t act like a cat at all but more dog like: wagging her tail, meowing (barking?), pacing back and forth, showing EXCITEMENT!! Definitely not cat-like behavior at all!! But watch as dad sets his things down and pays her attention, she became bashful until he opened his arms and called her over to him! See how she ran over? So sweet and cute!

I never realized Ragdoll cats are so sweet nor show their love for their humans like our canine friends do! It’s quite refreshing to watch. She sure gave her soldier dad a welcome home for the books!! Truly touching and cute!

It’s nice to know that our pets our waiting for us while we are away, knowing that we will come back someday. And for people who risk their lives to protect our freedom, this is exactly the warm welcome home that they deserve:)

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