Cat Calms The Dog Down In The Sweetest Way Possible!

| Published on November 19, 2015

Dogs can be too playful sometimes, but cats know just how to calm them down. It’s like the dogs are the kids and the cats are the moms. And just like moms, there are cats who have a firm way of making overly playful dogs to behave. On the other hand, there are also cats who have a sweeter, gentler method of making the dog calm down. Just like the cat in the video below!

This cat named Liz Lemon is peacefully resting on the bed when the playful dog named Penny suddenly entered the room, disturbing Liz Lemon’s naptime. Watch the video below and see what the sweet cat does to calm the dog down.

Awwww…isn’t this kitty the sweetest?

What do you think? Would your cat have done the same thing as Liz Lemon did to Penny? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!