Firefighter Explores Car’s Undercarriage When Hiding Kitten Can’t Be Located

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on May 3, 2024

Every day heroes who rescue animals in need do it for the sole person of helping another living creature. They don’t expect money, accolades, or even a pat on the back. They do it out of the kindness of their heart. Sadly, the stray population has only grown over the past few years, making rescues more challenging. In many cases, these animals have been abandoned or orphaned, both scenarios that are out of their control. Orphan kittens are vulnerable and that is why a story like this one has to be shared.

Patrick Calandrillo, a firefighter with North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue located in New Jersey, was sent to a woman’s house when she heard meowing coming from the roof on top of her garage. Calandrillo, a cat-lover at heart, was more than happy to help. Calandrillo told iHeartCats, “The woman who called heard a small cat meowing. She thought it was coming from the garage roof.” He searched the area, but the feline was nowhere in sight. The teeny, desperate meows continued. Calandrillo followed the meows that led to a parked car.

In the dark of night, the firefighter surely had a challenge awaiting him. He searched the vehicle high and low but did not see the little one. However, he was confident the meowing was coming from the car. Calandrillo climbed beneath the vehicle. The meows were coming from a compartment that protects the undercarriage.

Calandrillo said, “I plucked the little guy from the compartment by the scruff of his neck. He was only two weeks, tops. He fit in the palm of my hand.”

Calandrillo continued, “I almost took him home myself, that’s how I got my last cat, too, and would have if the woman who called us didn’t offer to take him in.”

The kitten is now safe and sound thanks to Calandrillo and North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue. We are eternally grateful. If you see an animal in distress, please reach out to your local authorities.