Stray Joined Dog On Walks But Can’t Accept Woman’s Offer To House Him

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on February 6, 2024

Cats are amazing creatures that we can’t get enough of! When they are homeless and become accustomed to life on the streets, it can be challenging to change their ways. Whether born feral or dumped by their owner, stray cats can be skittish and unfriendly. But more often than not, street cats are loving beings that just need a good meal, some fresh water, and a bit of affection. The cat in this story, later named Bubba, was considered the neighborhood stray. He went from house to house, hanging out on porches. He was fed by homeowners but remained on the streets.

One day, Bubba appeared while a woman named Cay took her dog, Coconut (or Coco for short), for a walk. He seemed interested in Coco and began to follow as the dog mom and her pup made their way down the street. The cat meowed, trying to gain the dog’s attention. Coco turned around and realized she had made an instant friend. The polite pup encouraged the cat to follow them. Both animals were happy to have one another’s company.

When Coco was done with her walk and went back home, she seemed a bit despondent and wanted to go back outside. Cay had an inkling that her dog longed to be reunited with Bubba. And just like that, fate intervened. Bubba showed up on their porch. Now wide-eyed with happiness, Coco smiled at her mom as the two stared at one another through the front door. Surprised by the cat’s friendliness, Cay asked around the neighborhood to see if Bubba belonged to anyone and was greeted by the same response: He was friendly and sweet, and was looked after by neighbors, but did not have a home.

Cay witnessed her dog’s infatuation with the cat and being a cat lover herself, wanted to officially adopt Bubba. But Bubba was hesitant. He wouldn’t come inside the house no matter how hard Cay tried. This was going to take dedication and some help from Coco. What follows is absolutely precious! Get ready for your day to be made by playing the video below!

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