Guy Misplaces His Foster Cat On Day One

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on February 6, 2024

Fostering animals is a rewarding experience for both humans and pets. Shelter life can be traumatic. Avoiding prolonged stays is often essential when transitioning an animal from being homeless to having a family. When Broderick Hunter, a model and actor, decided to foster a cat, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. With no prior experience in caring for cats or being around them much, he took the leap and decided to give it a try. His journey with his foster cat, Taco, is a heartwarming story of love, patience, and the bond that can form between humans and animals.

Hunter began his fostering journey at Los Angeles Animal Services, where he met Taco for the first time. During their initial meet and greet, Taco seemed a bit timid and not very interested in Hunter. However, as they spent more time together on the car ride home, Taco became more affectionate and curious about his new environment.

On the first day in his new home, Taco was introduced to the guest bathroom as his temporary sanctuary. This small, intimate space allowed him to slowly adjust to his new surroundings. However, within minutes of arriving, Taco managed to hide so well that Hunter believed he had lost the cat. After a frantic 15-minute search, Hunter found Taco hiding in a tiny space between the toilet and the wall.

Over the next few days, Hunter faced some challenges in helping Taco adjust to his new home. One of the biggest hurdles was teaching Taco to use the litter box. Despite showing him where to go and how to use it, Taco still had a few accidents around the house.

However, as the days went by, Taco began to warm up to Hunter. The turning point in their relationship came when Taco started falling asleep on Hunter, a sign that he was becoming more comfortable and trusting of his foster dad. The two also bonded through play, with Taco enjoying a feather toy that Hunter introduced him to.

Hunter’s experience fostering Taco taught him the importance of providing love, care, and a safe environment for animals in need. He realized that many animals don’t have the luxury of a loving home and someone to care for them, and he wanted to make sure that Taco felt loved during his time with him.

Although Hunter enjoyed his time fostering Taco, he knew that he wasn’t quite ready to become a full-time cat dad. With his busy life and career, he didn’t feel it would be fair to Taco or any other cat to commit to permanent adoption at this time. However, he is open to the possibility in the future.

Just two hours after dropping Taco off at the shelter after potential adopters showed interest in the kitten, Hunter received the wonderful news that Taco had been adopted by a loving couple. The experience left him feeling good about his decision to foster and the positive impact he had on Taco’s life.

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