Man Held Baby Critter, Paraded Her Up And Down Beach So Her Cries Were Heard

| Published on February 5, 2024

During his routine daily walk behind his residence, a man was suddenly startled by frantic cries for assistance. Intrigued and concerned, he began to investigate the source of the distress calls. To his surprise, there was no immediate sign of anyone or anything in need of help nearby. The unusual circumstances piqued his curiosity, prompting him to proceed further down the beach in search of answers. It was a moment that would lead to a remarkable discovery and an unexpected turn of events.

Continuing his walk along the shore, the man’s eyes fell upon a tiny, vulnerable creature that tugged at his heartstrings. It was a baby otter, clearly out of its element, and its plaintive cries echoed the loneliness of being separated from its family in the water. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the compassionate aquarium employee understood that he needed to take action to reunite the distressed otter with its kin. This encounter would lead to a heartwarming effort to bring the young otter back to where it belonged – in the loving embrace of its family in the sea.


Image Source/Story Credit: Monterey Bay Aquarium (YouTube Video Story


He also knew how to handle the baby otter so he carefully picked her up and walked with her, up and down the beach, hoping to find her mom. He was encouraged that the baby otter’s cries would lure her mother out. But there was no other otter around. This was likely due to the large swells brought in by the weather. She was likely separated by her mom, for good. The man had no other choice but to bring the baby otter to the aquarium.


Image Source/Story Credit: Monterey Bay Aquarium (YouTube Video Story


Happy endings are not always easy to find for special needs otters. As their stories show, the Monterey Bay Aquarium rescued a baby pup who was traumatized. Now, her fearlessness is empowering other young otters with the Shedd Aquarium helped facilitate her home there.



The day before this baby otter was transferred to Shedd Aquarium, she had the pleasure of being in care at Monterey Bay. The humans there knew it would be important for her to adapt to various otter activities, so the pup learned about solid foods and swimming in water below your belly.

Image Source/Story Credit: Monterey Bay Aquarium (YouTube Video Story


The pup had become more and more playful and she even put up with being brushed and towel dried. Before long, it was time for her to make her journey over to Shedd Aquarium. She probably had no idea how much she would be missed. Some of her new human friends even cried as they said goodbye.


Image Source/Story Credit: Monterey Bay Aquarium (YouTube Video Story


A baby otter has successfully made her way to her new home. Just wait until you see what happens next when she meets her new caregivers. Will you look at that face of hers.


Image Source/Story Credit: Monterey Bay Aquarium (YouTube Video Story

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