Bubba The Cat Goes To School So Much, He Even Gets A Photo ID

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on September 6, 2015

If you’ve ever had a cat that went outdoors, you probably took notice of their favorite places to chill out and just be a cat. For my cat, Mr. Purple, it’s my large covered back patio next to the woods. He loves to see all the squirrels, hoping one day that one of them will come just close enough. For Bubba the cat, his favorite place is his local school, Leland High School.

This San Jose based feline was adopted in 2009 by Amber Meranthal, and not long after taking him in she noticed his fondness of traveling up to the high school. The students couldn’t help but adore this super cool ginger tabby, and he became something of a celebrity on campus grounds. Bubba is as about as chill as they come, and didn’t mind showing himself around the school grounds and made friends wherever he went.

It didn’t take long for little Bubba to gain a social media following, after Amber created him his own Facebook page. Students at the school take his presence very seriously, awarding him the cover of the school paper, and even his own student ID. Take a look:

IMG_1842-1440429932via thechive.com

11221496_1640001782922832_2406852665453597680_o-1440430200via thechive.com

As you can see Bubba is pretty comfortable mingling amongst the students, and everyone there makes sure that he feels right at home!







If you’d like to see more of Bubba, feel free to check out his new website bubbathecat.com.