Breaking The Walls Was No Big Deal To Save These Precious Kittens Trapped Behind It!

Rescuing an animal is always a very fulfilling experience. Michigan Humane Society received a call from dispatch about a kitten trapped between walls. The hard part of the rescue is they don’t know the exact area where the kittens are trapped. As a last resort, they need to break through walls and make sure to do the least damage as possible. Miraculously, one kitten after another started to appear and they gave them some medical attention right away. These kittens were separated from their mother for four days so they needed to bring these kitties to their mom right away. It was such an amazing reunion! You’ve got to see this incredible rescue – the kitties are SO cute. We’re so glad they’re safe and back with their momma.

We LOVE rescue stories with such happy endings! These people deserves a pat on their backs – Great job, guys!
Have you ever had to rescue a cat or kittens? We’d love to hear more about your unique rescue story! Share it in the comments section at the bottom of this page!

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Written by Johnny Ferniz
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