Brave Cat Shows This Man No One Messes With The Baby!

Written by: Kat Keeter
| Published on October 30, 2015

Cats are creatures of habit and like to stick to routines and schedules. So, when there’s going to be a new baby introduced into the house, some new parents can be a bit apprehensive of how the cat will react to the baby. When introducing the baby to our pets we all hope for the best and that the meeting is incident free.

From watching this video, I feel like this family was able to successfully introduce their new baby to this very protective kitty! In the video we see the dad pretend to scold the baby, and the cat comes flying in to the babies rescue. The dad is only smacking the side of the baby seat, but the cat is relentless in his protection of the baby. No matter how many times the dad pushes the cat away he just keeps coming back to make sure the baby is safe. Take a look at this brave family pet protecting the baby.

This is one lucky baby! That cat will never let anything happen to him. Share some of your cats courageous acts with us in the comments.