Guy Builds A Cozy Abode To Lure Stray Back To His Yard After Cat Vanished

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 3, 2024

Homeless animals face challenges we can only imagine. They have to fight for everything they need, including food, fresh water, and shelter. Cats are clever and can do quite well finding resources. However, they still long for affection and companionship. When one stray, later named Boysie, showed up in a kind woman’s yard, she began to feed him. He was instantly grateful and friendly. He thanked the woman with purrs and loyalty, showing up day after day. The woman reached out to her son and told him all about Boysie. The warm-hearted gentleman was eager to meet him.

The son also became attached to the stray and looked forward to their interactions. Boysie would even wander inside the home but was eager to get back outside, where he felt safer. Then, Boysie stopped coming around. Mom and son were frantic! They had no idea if something happened to him or if they would ever see him again. The son came up with a plan, hoping to lure Boysie back to them.

He built a cat hut and placed it out in the yard. The safe, comfortable kitty home would hopefully win Boysie over. Within a couple of days, Boysie returned, and they found him snuggled up inside the hut. Mom and son rejoiced! Something happens next that is so heartwarming and special that you cannot miss it. The short YouTube video will surely make your day! Scroll below and press ‘play’ to make your whole body smile!

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