Bobtail Tortie Cat Has A Litter Of Kittens As Special As She Is

| Published on March 29, 2024

When one Imgur user found an abandoned cat who was pregnant, she and a coworker decided to take action. The pair rescued the kitty, who was rather unique: a tortie with a bobtail.

When she gave birth soon after being taken into safety, her rescuers noted that this mama’s litter was just as special as she is!

The mama had five babies, each with different coloring and characteristics.

Image Source: Imgur

The first kitten was tortie who resembled Mom, except this one had a long tail!

Image Source: Imgur

The second was a pure black ball of fur, and the only sibling that was a solid color.

Image Source: Imgur

The third was the “odd ball,” a ginger tabby with a bobtail – just like Mama!

Image Source: Imgur

The fourth was a “torbie,” or a “tabby with tortie spots,” the poster explains.

Image Source: Imgur


For awhile, it seemed as though this mama was done giving birth. But hours later, another surprise came along…

“This little guy came almost 2 hours later when we thought for sure she was done at 4,” writes the poster.

Image Source: Imgur


The rescuers made sure that the family remained safe and comfortable. Considering that they went out of their way to save these felines, we’re sure that they’re going to make sure everyone finds a forever home and gets spayed/neutered when they’re ready.

Thanks to these rescuers who cared enough to take in an abandoned cat… they saved six lives that day!

(h/t: Imgur)