Cat Takes Down Two Coyotes While They Were Attacking Havanese Puppy

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 2, 2024

A Havanese pup named Oakley was fortuitously rescued from two coyotes’ clutches by her cat sibling, Binx, who sprang into action during the attack. The courageous deed was captured on the family’s outdoor security system, and the homeowner, Lane Dyer, shared this remarkable tale with Fox News Digital. Dyer had momentarily allowed Oakley outside that night to tend to needs while he cared for their other dogs inside. Soon after, the sound of commotion led to Oakley dashing back into the house, visibly injured and bleeding from wounds on her chest and side.

Reacting swiftly, Dyer’s wife provided initial care to Oakley, pressing down on the wounds to control the bleeding and quickly transporting her to an emergency vet clinic. Unaware of what had transpired, the family looked at their security video while on the way to the vet and were stunned to see the coyote assault and Binx’s valiant intervention.

Binx, who had made the Dyers’ yard her domain since she was a kitten, had never hesitated. She faced the coyotes with fierce hisses and defensive actions– an unexpected yet heroic response. Despite the family’s efforts to bring her indoors, Binx preferred her outdoor adventures. This was the neighborhood’s first encounter with a coyote attack, even though the sounds of coyotes were not uncommon. Oakley fortunately made a full recovery after the veterinary care and stitches.

In hindsight, Dyer stressed the importance of recognizing coyotes as a real threat to pets, urging pet owners to stay alert and safeguard their pets against possible predatory attacks. To meet Binx and see her heroic efforts, scroll down to the video below.

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