Black Cats Aren’t Scary or Bad Luck. Here’s Proof!

| Published on October 26, 2015

Black cats have a terrible reputation of being scary bringers of bad luck. Of course, anyone who has ever known a black cat (or has any common sense) knows the myth isn’t true. Unfortunately, the misconception (along with the challenge of black cats being notoriously hard to photograph) isn’t harmless– it contributes to the reality that black cats have a much harder time finding families to adopt them, despite the fact that black cats make fantastic friends. Check out these pictures that disprove the myth and show that black cats can be just as sweet, cute, and loving as any other cat.

#1 – Even when they are dressed like little devils they are little angels.

#2 – No cat who naps in a sink can be scary.

#3 – Sometimes they let you dress them up as spotty yellow dinosaurs.

#4 – Just look at this cuddler! That cat is definitely purring.

#5 – They look very sophisticated when you add a bow tie.

#6 – Lady bugs are actually considered to be GOOD luck, so that makes this cat good luck by default.

#7 – Who would ever be scared by this sweet big-eared kitten?!

#8 – Or this squishy-bellied one!

#9 – Black cats may even be able to save the day.

#10 – Or at least make us laugh.

#11 – At the end of the day, black cats are just cats who like to play, cuddle, and sleep. And having one around sounds like pretty good luck to me!