Big Guy Shows His Giant Heart By Talking To Feral Kitten

| Published on August 11, 2016

Feral cats can be very difficult to work with. They’ve generally grown up without human interaction and have negative experiences in regards to people. They’re usually very scared and tough to catch, but some people just won’t give up trying to help stray animals. We’re thankful for them, because these cats need love too. One such man doesn’t look like he’d be out trying to make animal friends, but when he finds this feral kitten his big heart shines through.

Instead of trying to lure the kitten with food or trap it, he decides to just start talking to the kitty. Not only is it just adorable to see such a large man being friendly to such a tiny kitten, his plan works! The little cat starts talking back and it looks like they’re well on their way to a solid friendship. He even gets the kitten to start eating food and accept petting.

This video is just too cute! It’s so great to see people working hard to care for animals, even if they’re strays that don’t have a home. We applaud this couple for helping the little kitten that did just fine after it’s fall off the wall. You might have also noticed the woman videotaping making note that she and the meowing man are expecting a baby, which is a great story as well!