Four-Eared Cat Named “Batman” Finds A Little Girl To Give Him A Forever Home


When Batman came into the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, nobody had seen anything like him. He was surrendered alongside several other cats but was the only one with such a unique look. His special feature? Four ears. Yes, you read that right. Batman has been gifted with two sets of ears.

Nobody really knows why Batman has four ears, but it’s believed to be a genetic mutation. Batman wasn’t initially available due to an upper respiratory infection, and when he was ready for adoption the Humane Society wasn’t sure how he’d be received. To their surprise, he was adopted in just a few hours!

Batman’s adoption is a success story on several parts. He’s a black cat and black animals have the lowest adoption rates of all homeless pets that end up in shelters and rescues. Further, his strange deformity could have scared some people away. Luckily for Batman, he found a home with a young girl that really loves superheroes and, even more, her new feline friend.

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