The 12 Best Cat Christmas Stockings To Hold All Your Kitty’s Holiday Treats

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on October 17, 2023
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It’s time to hang the cat Christmas stockings by the chimney with care and we’ve got a list of the cutest options ever! As the festive season approaches, many cat parents eagerly look for ways to include their feline friends in the celebrations. Crafting a special stocking for your cat or choosing the perfect pre-made one is a delightful way to show them some holiday love. But with countless designs and materials available, how do you select the one that’s not only adorable but also safe and durable?

In this article, we’ve got reviews of popular ready-made options on the market and some charming DIY cat stocking ideas. From felt creations and repurposed sweaters to patchwork designs and personalized touches, there’s something for every kitty’s taste. Plus, our detailed reviews will help ensure you get value for your money and a stocking that’ll last for festive seasons to come. So, jingle on in and discover the purr-fect stocking for your feline companion!

cat Christmas stockings

Buyer’s Guide: What Factors to Consider When Choosing Cat Christmas Stockings

Choosing a cat Christmas stocking for your feline friend is a delightful way to involve them in the festive season. When selecting the perfect stocking for your cat, consider the following factors:


Depending on whether you plan to fill the stocking with small toys or larger items, the size of the stocking matters. Make sure it’s spacious enough for the goodies you plan to include.


Opt for durable materials that can withstand a curious cat’s claws. Stockings made of thick fabric or felt are often more resilient.

Decoration & Design

Cats can be tempted by tassels, beads, and other decorations, which could be a choking hazard if swallowed. Select a stocking with minimal dangling parts or ensure any decorative elements are securely attached.


As with any cat toy or accessory, safety is paramount. Ensure there are no small parts that could be easily ingested or sharp parts that could harm your cat.


Many people enjoy stockings that have the option for customization, like including the cat’s name or a photo pocket.

Hanging Loop

Ensure the stocking has a sturdy loop or hook for hanging, especially if you plan on filling it with heavier items.

Theme & Aesthetics

Consider the overall theme and look of your Christmas decor. You might want a stocking that matches or complements your other decorations.


Look for good stitching and finishing, which will help the stocking last multiple seasons.


While it’s primarily a decorative item, if you plan to reuse the stocking year after year, consider its wear and tear. It should be easy to clean or wash if necessary.


If the stocking comes pre-filled, check the quality and safety of the toys or treats inside. Make sure they are suitable for cats and don’t contain any harmful substances.


Set a budget beforehand, as prices can vary widely based on size, customization options, material, and brand.


If you’re purchasing online, check product reviews. Previous buyers might share insights on durability, size, or any issues they might have encountered.

Lastly, even after you’ve chosen the perfect stocking, remember to keep an eye on your cat when they’re around it, especially if it’s filled with treats and toys. Some cats might be tempted to “break into” their stocking ahead of time!

The 12 Best Cat Christmas Stockings

#1 – Glitzhome Handmade Hooked Cat Christmas

Glitzhome Handmade Hooked Cat Christmas
  • Oversized 19" length
  • Handmade craftsmanship
  • 100% Acrylic Fiber front
  • 100% Polyester back
  • Durable for multi-season use

The Glitzhome Cat Christmas Stocking is an exceptional addition to the holiday decor for any cat enthusiast. Its oversized design ensures ample space for stuffing in your cat’s favorite treats and toys. Handmade with meticulous attention to detail, the hooked technique used provides a unique texture and look that stands out on any fireplace. The hanging design ensures easy placement, and its festive aesthetics make it an attractive piece even when empty. Its durability promises many seasons of use, making it not just a decoration but also a potential family heirloom for cat lovers.

#2 – Let’s Make Memories Personalized Christmas Stockings – Perfectly Plaid – Rustic Christmas Decor – Cat Design

Let's Make Memories Personalized Christmas Stockings - Perfectly Plaid
  • Rustic plaid design for traditional décor
  • Made of a 20% cotton/80% polyester blend
  • Personalization option – up to 10 characters
  • Measures 7.5" W x19” L
  • Durable craftsmanship

The Let’s Make Memories Personalized Christmas Stocking with its Perfectly Plaid design offers a rustic charm that seamlessly blends with traditional holiday decor. Its cat-centric design is a treat for feline fans, ensuring their feline feels included in the festive celebrations. A standout feature is the personalization option, allowing you to customize the stocking with your cat’s name, adding an purrsonal touch. At 19″ L, it provides sufficient space for holiday goodies. The craftsmanship ensures durability, hinting at many Christmases of joyous use.

#3 – GoTags Personalized Christmas Stocking for People and Pets, Organic Wool Stocking

GoTags Personalized Christmas Stocking for People and Pets
  • 100% organic Ecuadorian wool
  • Suitable for people and pets
  • Paw or heart embroidered embellishment
  • Name customization option – up to 9 characters
  • Choice of 10 thread colors
  • Eco-friendly choice

The GoTags Personalized Christmas Stocking is a testament to simplicity meeting holiday charm. Made from organic Ecuadorian wool, it boasts an eco-friendly aspect, setting it apart from so many on the market. The customization feature, allowing for name embroidery, gives it a special touch. Its construction ensures it’s both soft to the touch and durable for many festive seasons.

#4 – SherryDC Cat Paw Christmas Stockings Set of 2

SherryDC Cat Paw Christmas Stockings Set of 2
  • Set of two paw print stockings
  • 80% Flannelette, 20% Plaid
  • Dimensions: 12” W x 18” L
  • Cozy festive feel and durable construction
  • Ideal for multi-pet homes

SherryDC’s set of two Christmas stockings showcases a delightful blend of plush and plaid materials, making it a versatile cat-themed Christmas decor addition for the holidays. The paw print design caters to both canine and feline lovers, making it an ideal choice for multi-pet households. These stockings exude a cozy feel, promising to add warmth to any festive setup. With an emphasis on quality, these hanging socks are not just decorative but built to last, ensuring repeated use across holiday seasons.

#5 – Yeghujar Christmas Stocking Cat Toys, 12Pcs Interactive Cat Toys Set

Yeghujar Christmas Stocking Cat Toys, 12Pcs Interactive Cat Toys Set
  • Set of 12 interactive toys
  • Variety includes squeaky toys, balls, and teaser toys
  • Toys made of high quality eco-friendly material
  • Suitable for cats of all ages
  • Perfect as a Christmas gift

The Yeghujar Christmas Stocking Cat Toys Set is a purrfect choice for feline enthusiasts seeking to treat their kitty sweeties this holiday season. Packed with 12 fun cat toys, this set guarantees hours of playful engagement for your cat. The variety ranges from squeaky toys to balls and teaser toys, ensuring there’s something to match every cat’s preference. Beyond the festivities, these toys are designed to engage your cat’s hunting instincts, providing both entertainment and mental stimulation. The entire set comes in a holiday-themed stocking, making it a fantastic Christmas gift option.

#6 – DAVID ROCCO LED Embroidered Linen Christmas Cat Stocking

DAVID ROCCO LED Embroidered Linen Christmas Cat Stocking
  • Unique LED feature
  • Intricate 3D cat embroidery
  • Durable 100% polyester
  • Generous 21-inch size
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Excellent for cat lovers

The DAVID ROCCO LED Embroidered Linen Christmas Cat Stocking is where tradition meets modern aesthetics. This stocking features intricate embroidery of a cat with the playful “Meow” text, offering a nod to feline lovers. What sets this stocking apart is its LED feature, giving it a unique shiny glow that stands out in any festive setting. Crafted from high-quality linen, it promises durability without compromising on elegance. The generous 21-inch size ensures ample space for treats and goodies.

#7 – Frienda 2 Pieces – Dog Christmas Stocking & Cat Christmas Stocking

Frienda 2 Pieces – Dog Christmas Stocking & Cat Christmas Stocking
  • Set of two red knit stockings for cats and dogs
  • Cute bone-shaped and fish-shaped stockings
  • Classic Christmas design infused with pet elements
  • Ample 17.3-inch size for tons of treats and toys

Frienda’s set of two 17.3-inch stockings is a heartfelt nod to pet parents who cherish both their dogs and cats. Crafted in a classic red knit design, these stockings exude a traditional holiday charm, perfect for adding a warm touch to any fireplace or cozy holiday setting. Their size is practical, allowing for a good stash of treats and toys. The durability of these stockings, with its neat knitting and absence of loose ends, ensures they remain a part of your holiday decorations for years to come. Being versatile, they’re perfect for multi-pet households, resonating with the joy our furry ones bring during the festive season.

#8 – GEX Christmas Stockings for Cats

GEX Christmas Stockings for Cats
  • Luxurious velvet material in deep red
  • Large 22-inch size for maximum gifting
  • Quilted lining for shape retention
  • Elegant embroidery work
  • Suitable for cats and dogs

The GEX Christmas Stockings for cats showcases a luxurious touch with its deep red velvet material, making it a standout addition to any festive decor. Boasting a generous 22-inch size, it offers ample space to accommodate a variety of treats and toys for your furry companions. The quilted lining not only adds to its aesthetics but also ensures the stocking retains its shape over time. The fine embroidery work, with its reassurance to Santa that your kitty has been good this year, complements the rich velvet, adding a touch of elegance. This stocking strikes a balance between opulence and tradition, ensuring a perfect in both contemporary and classic holiday settings.

#9 – BOLSWJKJR1 Personalized Knitted Christmas Stocking with Name

BOLSWJKJR1 Personalized Knitted Christmas Stocking with Name
  • Customizable name embroidery
  • Paw motif for your cat
  • Durable knitted construction
  • Heartwarming keepsake
  • Blends with various holiday decors

BOLSWJKJR1 offers a personalized touch with their knitted Christmas stocking, making it an ideal keepsake for families with feline friends. The red and white stripes and adorable paw design resonates with both the holiday spirit and a love for pets. The customization option allows for name embroidery, making each stocking unique and cats. Crafted with care, its knitted design promises durability while maintaining a warm, homey feel. It’s a perfect blend of tradition and personalization, adding character to any holiday decoration setup.

#10 – Frisco Holiday Stocking Variety Pack Cat Toy with Catnip, 25 count

Frisco Holiday Stocking Variety Pack Cat Toy with Catnip, 25 count
  • 25 assorted catnip-infused toys
  • Wide variety to suit different play preferences
  • Provides physical and mental stimulation
  • Packaged in a festive stocking
  • Ideal Christmas gift for cats

Frisco’s Holiday Stocking Variety Pack is a treat-laden bonanza for felines. Packed with 25 assorted toys, many infused with catnip, it promises hours of fun and entertainment for your cat. The variety ensures that there’s something to cater to every cat’s play preference, from jingle balls to squeaky toys. Beyond the joy of play, these toys engage a cat’s natural hunting instincts, offering both physical activity and mental stimulation. The entire set, presented in a festive stocking, makes it an instant and thoughtful gift for any cat owner during the holiday season.

#11 – WEWILL 18’’ Cat Felt Christmas Stocking

WEWILL 18’’ Cat Felt Christmas Stocking
  • Soft felt material
  • Beautifully embroidered cat design
  • Generous 18-inch size
  • Blends seamlessly with various holiday decors
  • Ideal for cat lovers and their feline companions

The WEWILL 18’’ Cat Felt Christmas Stocking is a heartwarming fusion of festive aesthetics and feline love. Crafted from felt, it offers a soft yet sturdy texture that promises longevity. The standout feature is undoubtedly the beautifully embroidered cat face and paw prints, making it an instant favorite among cat lovers and ensuring your furry companion is a part of the holiday festivities. Its generous size ensures ample space for a range of treats and toys. The design, while being cat-centric, remains elegant enough to complement a variety of holiday decorations, making it a versatile addition to any home. Whether hung by the fireplace or used as a gift bag, this stocking exudes warmth, love, and holiday cheer.

#12 – Mocoosy 2 Pack Cat Christmas Stockings Personalized, Burlap Red Black Buffalo Plaid

Mocoosy 2 Pack Cat Christmas Stockings Personalized, Burlap Red Black Buffalo Plaid
  • Made of cotton and natural burlap
  • Classic red and black buffalo plaid design
  • Ample 19-inch sized fish-shaped stockings
  • Handsewn, triple-layered construction
  • Set of two for added value

Mocoosy’s 2 Pack Pet Cat Christmas Stockings are a nod to rustic charm, combining burlap with the timeless red and black buffalo plaid design. At 19 inches, these stockings offer ample space for treats, toys, and other festive goodies for your feline companions. The personalized touch, allowing for custom names, makes each stocking feel intimate and unique. The burlap material ensures durability while adding a tactile texture to your decor. The classic buffalo plaid pattern brings in a traditional festive feel, making these stockings an ideal choice for those who cherish vintage holiday aesthetics.

cat Christmas stockings

FAQs About Christmas Stockings for Cats

Should I hang my cat’s stocking near the tree?

While it’s tempting to hang your cat’s stocking near the tree to include them in the festive traditions, it may not be the best idea. Cats are naturally curious and are often drawn to the Christmas tree and its ornaments. Hanging their stocking nearby might increase the temptation, especially if it’s filled with treats or toys. Additionally, if your cat attempts to reach their stocking, they could inadvertently knock over the tree or other decorations. It’s safer to hang the stocking in a location where your cat can’t easily access it or is less likely to be intrigued by surrounding items.

What should I fill my cat’s Christmas stocking with?

Fill your cat’s stocking with items that are safe and enjoyable for them. Some good options include catnip toys, interactive toys like feather wands, crinkle balls, or laser pointers. Treats are always a hit, but ensure they’re made specifically for cats and are given in moderation. You could also consider practical gifts like a new collar, ID tag, or grooming tools. Always inspect toys for small parts that might be a choking hazard and ensure treats are appropriate for your cat’s dietary needs.

Is it safe to use tinsel or glitter on a cat’s stocking?

Tinsel and glitter can be hazardous to cats. If ingested, tinsel can cause blockages in a cat’s intestines, leading to severe medical issues. Glitter, especially if it’s not labeled as non-toxic, can also be harmful if ingested and can be an irritant if it gets into a cat’s eyes. When decorating a cat’s stocking, it’s best to avoid these materials and instead opt for safer decorations that are less likely to harm your pet if they become curious.

How can I keep my cat from trying to open their stocking early?

Cats are naturally curious creatures, especially when it comes to new items that smell or sound interesting. To prevent your cat from delving into their stocking ahead of time, consider placing it in a location they can’t access, such as a high shelf or a closed room. Alternatively, you can wait to fill the stocking with tempting items until closer to the time you plan to give it to them. Distraction can also be useful – ensure your cat has plenty of other toys and interactive activities to keep them occupied.

Are there any materials to avoid in a cat’s stocking?

When selecting or crafting a cat’s stocking, avoid materials that could be harmful to them. This includes items like tinsel, loose beads, small decorations that can be easily swallowed, and strings or ribbons that might be tempting for a cat to play with and ingest. Opt for durable and safe fabrics, ensuring any decorations are securely attached. Avoid materials that can easily fray or be torn apart.

Do cats understand the concept of Christmas or gifts?

Cats don’t understand the human concept of Christmas or the tradition of gift-giving in the same way we do. However, they can certainly recognize and appreciate the new toys, treats, and attention they receive. For cats, the experience is more about the sensory excitement – the new scents, textures, and flavors of the items in their stocking – rather than the festive celebration itself.

How can I introduce my cat to their stocking without scaring them?

When introducing any new item to a cat, do so gradually and ensure the experience is positive. Place the empty stocking in an area where your cat frequents, allowing them to investigate it at their own pace. You can encourage their interest by sprinkling a bit of catnip on or near the stocking or placing a familiar toy next to it. Once they seem comfortable with the stocking’s presence, you can add the treats and toys. Remember, every cat is different; some may take to their stocking immediately, while others might need a bit more time to warm up to it.

What are some DIY ideas for making a cat Christmas stocking?

Check out these DIY cat Christmas stocking ideas:

  1. Felt Stocking: Felt is an easy material to work with and doesn’t fray, making it perfect for a stocking. Cut out two stocking shapes, decorate with cat-themed felt cut-outs like fish or mice, and stitch them together.
  2. Old Sweater Stocking: Repurpose an old sweater. Use the sleeve as the main body of the stocking, cutting it to shape. The ribbed cuff can act as the stocking’s top, adding a charming rustic touch.
  3. Patchwork Stocking: Collect fabric scraps in festive or cat-themed patterns. Sew them together patchwork-style and then cut out your stocking shape from this assembled fabric.
  4. Personalized Stocking: Use fabric paint or embroidery to add your cat’s name to a basic stocking. For an extra touch, stitch on a small pocket to hold a special treat or toy.
  5. Paw Print Stocking: Design the stocking in the shape of a cat’s paw. Use contrasting fabrics for the paw pads.
  6. Catnip Pouch: Inside the stocking, sew a small pouch filled with catnip. It’ll give the stocking a delightful scent, making it all the more enticing for your feline.
  7. Jingle Bell Accent: Attach a jingle bell or two to the stocking’s toe. Cats often love the sound, but ensure it’s securely attached to prevent it from becoming a choking hazard.
  8. Ribbon Loop: For a decorative and functional touch, add a loop made of sturdy ribbon at the top for easy hanging.

Remember to prioritize safety. Avoid small detachable parts that could be swallowed, and ensure all decorations are securely fastened to the stocking. With a bit of creativity, you can create a unique and festive stocking your cat will love!

Christmas stockings for cats

Final Thoughts

As the holiday season envelops us in its warm embrace, ensuring our feline family members feel included and cherished becomes an added joy. Whether you opt for a handcrafted touch or select from the best-reviewed stockings available, the gesture itself speaks volumes about the love you have for your kitty. So, this Christmas, let the twinkling lights, festive melodies, and a special cat stocking filled with treats make it a memorable one for your purring companion.

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