The 8 Best Advent Calendars For Cats

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on October 31, 2023
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As the Christmas season approaches, cat lovers around the globe are on the hunt for the perfect advent calendars for cats to include their furry friends in the holiday festivities. A cat advent calendar presents delightful fun by combining the joy of daily surprises with the warmth of sharing the Christmas spirit with your beloved feline.

We’ve scoured the market and gathered reviews of the best cat advent calendars available for purchase to help you streamline your holiday shopping. From luxurious options filled with gourmet treats to playful calendars bursting with toys, we’ve got options to suit every kitty’s preference and every cat parent’s budget.

cat advent calendar

Our buyer’s guide will help you consider all the factors to consider when choosing a calendar for your cat. Plus, our Q&A section will help solve any of your kitty calendar conundrums. So, whether you’re a crafty cat parent looking to create a personalized advent calendar or searching for the perfect store-bought option, this article is your one-stop shop for making this Christmas season purrfectly unforgettable for your cat. Join us as we explore the charming world of cat advent calendars, ensuring your furry friend is filled with joy and excitement as they count down to Christmas with you.

Buyers Guide: Factors to Consider When Choosing Advent Calendar for Cats

When buying an advent calendar for your cat, there are several factors you should consider to ensure that it is safe, enjoyable, and appropriate for your feline friend. Here is a list of features and considerations to take into account:


  • Non-Toxic Materials: Ensure all materials used in the advent calendar are non-toxic and safe for cats.
  • No Small Parts: Avoid calendars with small parts that could be a choking hazard or cause internal blockages if swallowed.
  • Sturdy Construction: The calendar should be sturdy enough to withstand a cat’s playful nature without breaking apart.

Cat-Appropriate Treats:

  • Quality of Treats: Look for high-quality, nutritious treats that are appropriate for your cat’s age, size, and health.
  • Variety: A variety of treats can keep your cat interested throughout the Advent season.
  • Allergies and Sensitivities: Be mindful of any allergies or sensitivities your cat may have, and choose treats accordingly.

Interactive Elements:

  • Engagement: Choose an advent calendar that engages your cat’s instincts to hunt, pounce, and play.
  • Stimulation: Look for features that provide mental and physical stimulation.

Size and Space:

  • Appropriate Size: Ensure that the advent calendar is an appropriate size for your cat to interact with comfortably.
  • Storage: Consider where you will store the advent calendar, and make sure it fits in the designated space.


  • Design: You might want a design that is visually appealing to you and fits in with your holiday decorations.
  • Cat Appeal: Some cats are attracted to specific colors or patterns, so consider your cat’s preferences.


  • Budget: Set a budget before shopping and stick to it. Remember that the safety and enjoyment of your cat should be the top priority.
  • Value for Money: Consider if the advent calendar provides good value for the price, taking into account the quality of treats and the durability of the calendar.

Brand Reputation:

  • Trustworthy Brands: Look for products from reputable brands that are known for producing high-quality, safe pet products.
  • Reviews: Check customer reviews to get an idea of the product’s quality and how other cats have reacted to it.

Easy to Use:

  • Accessibility: Ensure your cat can easily access the treats or toys without becoming frustrated or losing interest.
  • Ease of Refilling: If the advent calendar is reusable, check how easy it is to refill for future use.

By taking these factors into consideration, you can find an advent calendar that is both safe and enjoyable for your cat, adding a bit of festive fun to their holiday season.

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The 8 Best Cat Advent Calendars

#1 – Fancy Feast Feastivities Advent Calendar – 24 ct. Box

Fancy Feast Feastivities Advent Calendar - 24 ct. Box
  • Variety of flavors and textures
  • High-quality ingredients mean a nutritious and delicious meal
  • Festive packaging to enhance the holiday experience
  • 24-count box: A treat for every day leading up to Christmas

The Fancy Feast Feastivities Advent Calendar provides a unique and delightful way for cat parents to involve their furry friends in the holiday festivities. This 24-count box features a variety of gourmet wet cat food selections as well as savory break-apart treats, broth pouches, and purees, ensuring a pleasant surprise for your kitty each day leading up to Christmas. The box includes a range of flavors and textures to cater to different feline preferences, high-quality ingredients for a nutritious meal, and festive packaging that adds to the holiday spirit. Plus, the box features QR codes for unique holiday recipes for people and a Fancy Feast holiday Spotify playlist. It’s an indulgent way to celebrate the season together!


  • Engages pets in holiday celebrations
  • Encourages picky eaters to try different flavors
  • Aesthetically pleasing and fun to use


  • Priced higher than regular cat food options
  • Some cats may not like all the included flavors

#2 – Larchio Cat Advent Calendar 2023

Larchio Cat Advent Calendar 2023
  • Variety of toys ensures a fun surprise each day
  • Includes catnip to encourage play
  • Festive packaging adds to the holiday spirit
  • Suitable for cats of all ages

The Larchio Cat Advent Calendar 2023 offers a delightful way for cat parents to treat their feline friends during the holiday season. This 24-day countdown calendar is filled with a variety of toys, including catnip toys, mice, a cat feather teaser, and ball bells, ensuring a fun and engaging experience for your cat each day. The key features of this product are its wide assortment of toys, inclusion of catnip to entice play and festive packaging. The product’s pros include its ability to engage cats in interactive play, its suitability for felines of all ages, and the joy it brings to both pets and their parents as they count down to Christmas together.


  • Keeps cats active and entertained
  • Engages cats in holiday festivities
  • Makes for a thoughtful and unique gift


  • Some toys may not withstand aggressive play

#3 – Dr. Seuss for Pets How the Grinch Stole Christmas Cat Advent Box

Dr. Seuss for Pets How the Grinch Stole Christmas Cat Advent Box
  • 12 surprise toys and accessories
  • Includes plush toys, feather balls, and teaser wands
  • Dr. Seuss theme adds a unique and nostalgic touch
  • Festive design enhances the holiday atmosphere

The Dr. Seuss for Pets How the Grinch Stole Christmas Cat Advent Box is a charming and whimsical holiday treat for cats, providing 12 surprise toys and accessories inspired by the classic Dr. Seuss tale. The box features a variety of play options, including plush toys, teaser wands, and feather balls that cater to different aspects of a cat’s play behavior. The festive design and Dr. Seuss branding add a unique and nostalgic touch, making it a great gift option for cat lovers.


  • Keeps cats entertained with the variety
  • Delights cat lovers and Dr. Seuss fans
  • Stands out from other cat advent calendars


  • Fewer items: Only 12 surprises compared to 24 in other calendars
  • Variable engagement: Not all cats may like every toy

#4 – MOVINPE Cat Toys Advent Calendar 2023 Christmas

MOVINPE Cat Toys Advent Calendar 2023 Christmas
  • Wide variety of toys for a unique surprise each day
  • Includes interactive options, like toy wands
  • Caters to different play preferences
  • For kittens, adult cats, and seniors

The MOVINPE Cat Toys Advent Calendar 2023 Christmas edition provides a comprehensive set of 24 interactive kitten toys, including cat collars, a cat feather teaser, catnip fish, mice, balls, and bells. This vast array ensures a thrilling surprise for your cat each day of December leading up to Christmas. It includes a wide variety of toys catering to different play preferences and even offers a pair of tiny hands for your kitty’s paws for some silly fun. It’s a cat toy advent calendar that stands out as a comprehensive and engaging holiday gift option for cats and their parents.


  • Keeps cats engaged and entertained
  • Great for multi-cat households
  • Adds to holiday joy


  • Not all cats may engage with every toy
  • Some toys may not withstand rough play

#5 – Kederwa Cat Advent Calendar 2023

Kederwa Cat Advent Calendar 2023
  • Customizable treat compartments
  • Festive design adds to the holiday atmosphere
  • Durable construction ensures longevity
  • Refillable advent calendar for multiple seasons of fun

The Kederwa Cat Advent Calendar 2023 stands out for its ability to personalize the 24-day countdown experience by adding your own choice of treats and snacks. This empty advent calendar caters to pet parents looking to customize their furry friend’s holiday surprises, ensuring that the treats and toys are perfectly suited to the cat’s preferences. Key features of this product include the customizable treat compartments, the festive and durable design, and the opportunity it provides for cat people to bond with their cats through the selection and placement of treats. The interactive nature of the calendar fosters a fun holiday tradition, and the product’s appeal makes it a thoughtful gift for cat lovers.


  • Allows you to cater to specific dietary needs
  • Ensures treats are safe and preferred
  • Encourages interactive holiday traditions between cats and parents
  • Thoughtful gift for cat lovers


  • Requires time and effort to fill

#6 – Midlee Cat Advent Calendar – 12 Days of Christmas Filled Cat Toy Gift

Midlee Cat Advent Calendar - 12 Days of Christmas Filled Cat Toy Gift
  • Variety of toys for diverse play experience
  • Includes balls, stuffed mice, and plush Christmas-themed toys
  • Festive packaging enhances the holiday spirit
  • Pre-filled convenience

The Midlee Cat Advent Calendar offers a festive 12-day countdown to Christmas filled with a variety of cat toys, making it a fun holiday treat for feline friends. This pre-filled advent calendar is packed with different toys catering to various play preferences, ensuring there’s something to delight every cat. Its diverse selection of toys and festive packaging offers cats a delightful holiday surprise for the 12 days of Christmas. Overall, this option is a charming and entertaining choice for bringing holiday cheer to your feline companion.


  • Provides entertainment and stimulation
  • Adds a festive touch to your cat’s routine
  • Thoughtful gift option for cat lovers and their felines


  • Fewer toys than 24-day advent calendars
  • On the expensive side

#7 – Frisco Holiday 8 Days of Hanukkah Cardboard Calendar with Toys for Cats

Frisco Holiday 8 Days of Hanukkah Cardboard Calendar with Toys for Cats
  • Hanukkah-themed toys
  • Catnip-filled toys to encourage play
  • 8-day format aligns with the Hanukkah celebration
  • Durable cardboard construction

The Frisco Holiday 8 Days of Hanukkah Cardboard Calendar offers a unique twist on the traditional advent calendar, providing cats and their parents a fun way to celebrate the Festival of Lights. This 8-day calendar is filled with a variety of cat toys, capturing the festive spirit of Hanukkah. Key features include themed toys that correspond with the holiday, a compact 8-day format, and the use of a durable cardboard construction. This Hanukkah Calendar for cats stands out as a thoughtful and festive option for pet parents looking to include their cats in Hanukkah celebrations.


  • Encourages daily interaction and fun
  • Brings a unique twist to holiday celebrations
  • Perfect for cat parents celebrating the festival


  • Some toys may be more popular than others

#8 – Bestbase Advent Calendar 2023 Christmas Countdown Jigsaw Puzzles – Christmas Cats

Bestbase Advent Calendar 2023 Christmas Countdown Jigsaw Puzzles - Christmas Cats
  • 1008-piece jigsaw puzzle; 42 pieces in each box
  • Christmas cat theme for a festive and delightful touch
  • 24 boxes for daily countdown
  • Puzzle finished size: 27.5 x 19.7 in

While your kitty enjoys their own advent calendar, don’t forget you need one to enjoy too! The Bestbase Advent Calendar 2023 with Christmas Countdown Jigsaw Puzzles featuring Christmas Cats is an enjoyable holiday treat for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. This advent calendar uniquely combines the excitement of counting down to Christmas with the engaging challenge of completing a jigsaw puzzle. Each of the 24 boxes contains a portion of the 1008-piece puzzle, allowing individuals or families to build a bit more of the festive cat-themed image each day. The combination of the Christmas cat theme and the jigsaw puzzle provides a delightful treat, allowing both adults and kids to join in on the fun while also creating a festive holiday decoration to enjoy throughout the season.

  • 1008-piece jigsaw puzzle; 42 pieces in each box
  • Christmas cat theme for a festive and delightful touch
  • 24 boxes for daily countdown
  • Puzzle finished size: 27.5 x 19.7 in


  • Engaging daily activity
  • Suitable for adults and kids
  • Completed puzzle serves as a cat-themed Christmas decoration


  • May be challenging for younger kids

cat advent calendar

FAQs About Cat Advent Calendars

Are Cat Advent Calendars Safe?

Cat advent calendars are generally safe, but it’s crucial to examine the product thoroughly before purchasing. Ensure the treats inside are appropriate and safe for cats, avoiding any toxic ingredients. The calendar itself should be made from non-toxic materials and have no small detachable parts that could pose a choking hazard. Additionally, ensure the treats are of an appropriate size to prevent choking and are suitable for your cat’s specific age, size, and health condition. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian to ensure the selected advent calendar is safe for your kitty.

Can I Use the Advent Calendar for Kittens?

Advent calendars can be used for kittens, but ensure the treats are suitable for their age and size. Kittens have different nutritional needs than adult cats, and their digestive systems are more delicate. Choose an advent calendar specifically designed for kittens or check the product description and ingredients list to ensure the treats are safe for younger cats. If you’re unsure, consult with a veterinarian to make an informed decision.

Can I Use a Reusable Advent Calendar with My Cat?

Yes, you can use a reusable advent calendar for your cat, which can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. When choosing a reusable advent calendar, ensure it is made from durable and safe materials. You can fill the calendar with your cat’s favorite treats or small toys, providing variety and ensuring the contents are appropriate for your feline friend. Remember to clean the calendar thoroughly between uses to maintain hygiene.

How Do I Introduce the Advent Calendar to My Cat?

Introduce the advent calendar to your cat gradually, ensuring it is a positive experience for them. Start by placing the calendar in a familiar area where your cat feels safe. You might want to open the first few doors and let your cat see and smell the treats inside. Encourage them to interact with the calendar, using positive reinforcement such as praise or petting when they show interest. Be patient, as some cats may take more time to get used to the new item in their environment.

Can I Make a DIY Advent Calendar for My Cat?

Creating a cat advent calendar is a fun and rewarding project to count down the days to Christmas with your feline friend. Here’s how you can make one:


  • A large piece of cardboard or poster board
  • 24 small envelopes or pouches
  • Cat treats or small toys
  • Stickers or markers for decoration
  • Glue or double-sided tape


  1. Prepare the Board: Cut the cardboard into a large rectangle. This will be the base of your advent calendar.
  2. Decorate the Board: Use markers, stickers, or other decorations to create a festive design on the board. You could draw a Christmas tree and place the envelopes as ornaments or simply create a grid pattern.
  3. Prepare the Envelopes: On each envelope, write a number from 1 to 24. These represent the days leading up to Christmas.
  4. Fill the Envelopes: Place a cat treat or a small toy inside each envelope. Make sure to vary the treats to keep it interesting for your kitty.
  5. Attach the Envelopes: Use glue or double-sided tape to attach the envelopes to the board. Make sure they are securely fastened.
  6. Display the Calendar: Hang the advent calendar on a wall or place it in an area that is easily accessible to your cat (but not too accessible that they can open all the envelopes at once!).
  7. Enjoy the Countdown: Each day, open the corresponding envelope and give the treat or toy to your cat. Enjoy the daily excitement and bonding time!

This homemade cat advent calendar is a great way to include your kitty in the holiday festivities and provide them with a little extra love and attention.

How Much Should I Spend on an Advent Calendar for Cats?

The amount you should spend on a cat advent calendar depends on your budget and the quality of the product. While more expensive options may offer higher-quality treats or more durable construction, there are also affordable options that can provide enjoyment for your cat. Set a budget before shopping, and look for a calendar that offers good value for the price, considering factors like treat quality, safety, and durability. Remember, the safety and enjoyment of your kitty should be the top priority.

By addressing these questions, cat owners can make an informed decision to ensure they choose a safe, enjoyable, and appropriate advent calendar for their feline friends.

cat advent calendar

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up our festive journey through the world of cat advent calendars, it’s clear that these charming holiday accessories offer more than just daily treats or toys; they provide a unique opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your feline friend. Whether you choose a luxurious, pre-filled option or a playful, interactive calendar, you’re sure to bring a flurry of excitement and joy to your cat’s daily routine. And remember, as you embrace the Christmas spirit, these cat advent calendars not only countdown to the most wonderful time of the year but also celebrate the special place our cats hold in our hearts and homes.

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