Freezing Stray Banged On Door Begging For A Warm Home

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on February 22, 2024

Homeless cats are deprived of basic needs and are forced to fend for themselves. This is especially challenging in unfavorable weather and when the animal is in poor health. One evening in Quebec City, a woman heard scratching at her front door and discovered it was an elderly cat seeking shelter from the freezing cold outside. Without hesitation, she welcomed the weary traveler into her home, recognizing his desperate need for warmth and nourishment. Observing his condition—hungry, cold, and in need of medical care—she fed him and promptly contacted One Cat at a Time, an animal rescue organization.

Upon arrival, the volunteers assessed the cat’s condition, identifying him as an adult who had likely endured many years on the streets. He was suffering from flea infestation, wounds, scars, and a respiratory infection, necessitating immediate veterinary attention. Remarkably, the cat was incredibly gentle throughout his treatment, purring during procedures and showing no resistance– a sign of his gratitude for the help he was receiving.

After receiving the necessary medical care, the cat, now named Aslan, was transformed. Free of fleas and with improved health, he was ready for a new chapter in his life. A volunteer decided to adopt Aslan, and he quickly became a cherished companion, demonstrating his playful nature and capacity for affection. He also formed a close bond with another cat in the home, Cleo, becoming inseparable friends.

Aslan, now eight years old, is living his dream life, far removed from the struggles of surviving on the streets. No longer facing the harsh realities of searching for food and shelter or braving the cold, he enjoys the warmth and love of a large, adoring family. Treated like royalty, Aslan relishes the comforts and luxuries he deserves, continuing to spread joy and affection to everyone around him.

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