‘Dad Cat’ Wants Nothing To Do With Tiny Kitten That Continues To Annoy Him

While we think all kittens are adorable and undeniable, this cat does not agree! The cat lays about as the kitten paws at him, climbs on him, and tries to play with his tail. But her Dad wants nothing to do with her.

The baby lets out the cutest little meows, but nope! It’s not working. When the kitten continues to ‘annoy’ the grumpy cat dad, he warns her to back off. She takes a step back and looks at him as if she’s saying, “Why won’t you love me?!”

Still, the kitten persists. She comes back for more! This time the dad cat puts her in a kitty headlock! Oh boy! He places his paw gently on her body and tells her to knock it off. Do you think she’s had enough yet? Ummm, no! The tenacious kitten keeps at it. This adorable (hilarious) video cannot be missed!

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