Woman Brings Home Shut Down Cat That Has Never Showed His Face

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on July 20, 2023

A cat named Jovi was so petrified of people and the world around him that he buried his face. He laid in his kennel, facing a wall, balled up to protect himself. But despite his fears, a woman stepped up to be his foster mom even though she had never seen his face!

Jovi came home wrapped in a towel. He was overwhelmed and didn’t know just yet that a beautiful life was waiting for him. Thankfully, his foster mom understood that taking things slow would help Jovi adjust. She unwrapped the towel while giving pets to soothe his fears.

The kitty, desperate for peace and comfort, crawled into the woman’s lap and buried himself into the crook of her arm, still too scared to turn around. But with her persistent, calming pets, he finally felt confident enough to turn his body. The first time the foster mom saw Jovi’s face, she fell deeper in love.

The devoted woman was convinced she could rehabilitate Jovi so he could find his forever family. But he was so traumatized and shy. Would Jovi’s foster mom finally break through? To find out, check out the video below!

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