Amazing Rescuer Saves Three Cat Families By Meowing To Them

| Published on September 29, 2016

Mona Boucher has a knack for rescuing cats, but she does it in a way we’ve never quite seen before! After a feral cat population got out of hand at a fish farm, Boucher and other rescuers at DrNworb’s KitsCats were called in to save them. When they arrived, they found 3 nursing mothers and 20 kittens of various ages. Catching them all was certain to be a difficult task, but Boucher sang the song of meows and the kittens came running.

As she stood at the fence, Boucher began meowing to the kittens. They immediately responded and as they walked over to the fence, she and the other rescuers picked them up through a hole. The kittens were 5-weeks-old and were persuaded by Boucher’s realistic meows. The other cats and kittens were a little wiser to the trick, so they were gently trapped and brought back to Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association to start their chance at a life in a forever home.



The cats and kittens are learning that humans make great companions and are enjoying the love and cuddles they’re receiving. Hopefully, they’ll all make it into forever homes of their own. The kittens are having a blast in their foster homes, but they’re going to be ready for adoption soon. A big thanks to Mona Boucher and DrNworb’s KitsCats for rescuing these kitty families!