A Sickly Kitten Thanks You For The Chance To Grow Big & Strong

Perky whiskers, round tummies, and tiny toes, kittens are too cute!

They melt the toughest of hearts with their silly, fuzzy ways and every single tiny kitten deserves a chance at safety and love. And thanks to you, kitten hero, cats and kittens are getting those chances.

Because you purchased adorable merchandise from iHeartCats.com, you helped cats in shelters across the nation, including a sick kitten who grew healthy and strong in the care of dedicated animal rescuers.

Light of Hope Animal Rescue/Facebook

Lucy came to Light of Hope Animal Rescue in bad shape. Abandoned and alone at only 4-weeks-old, Light of Hope shared, “She was malnourished, had upper respiratory and an injured paw. She was dirty and covered in fleas and fly eggs.”

But a few months of medical care and love made all the difference for the tuxedo kitten. “She is a thriving, outgoing, playful kitten.”

Weeks of good food helped Lucy grow and gain weight. “Her injured paw has healed, and her upper respiratory cleared up.”

Courtesy of Light of Hope Animal Rescue

But with a corneal ulcer, Lucy still needed further care. She was almost ready to go home forever.

Once she hit the adoption scene, Lucy found her family pretty fast, going home to live the life of a spoiled house cat. Every kitty cat’s dream! Light of Hope reported, Lucy is “doing very well at her new home.”

Light of Hope Animal Rescue/Facebook

Working Together to Save Cats and Kittens

Cat rescue groups like Light of Hope Animal Rescue often have limited resources, but enterprises like Rescue Bank change everything. A pet food distribution initiative in the GreaterGood family, Rescue Bank has fed shelter animals over 80 million meals since its beginnings in 2011.

And you are a part of these efforts.

By simply purchasing adorable merchandise from iHeartCats.com, you helped elevate that number further, as part of every purchase made goes to fund shelters working to better the lives of felines.

Light of Hope Animal Rescue/Facebook

Light of Hope said, “Knowing we have Rescue Bank to help us with food has made it possible for us to save ones like Lucy. We are able to focus on the vet care without juggling where the next meal will come from.”

While Lucy found her forever home, other felines are still waiting. They need us too and by purchasing cute stuff, you can help them find their second chances. Enjoy shopping knowing your buying with a purpose!

Feature Image: Light of Hope Animal Rescue/Facebook

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