9 Safety Items Every Pet Parent Should Have

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on September 5, 2017

You love your pets because they’re your family, so in addition to their health and happiness, their safety is your top priority. You feed them the best food you can, make sure they’re as comfortable as possible when you’re not home, and only give them toys you trust. But have you ever considered what precautions you can take to prevent emergencies – or what you’d do if one happened?

Luckily, the solution to staying safe may only take a few simple items and action plans. Below are 9 safety items every pet parent should have in order to prevent an emergency, or act fast if one happens.

1. Emergency Contacts (saved on your phone)

Your vet is probably programmed in there, but do you have the number and address of the closest emergency clinic? How about the ASPCA’s poison control number (888-426-4435)? In an emergency every second counts, so save time by keeping these contacts accessible.

2. Pet Alert Reflective Stickers (for doors and windows)

One of the worst parts of leaving your pet home alone is worrying what would happen if disaster strikes. For some peace of mind, post these Pet Alert stickers on doors and windows of your house. That way, if emergency responders arrive at your house, they’ll know at a glance if there are four-legged (or two-winged) family members in danger. This simple precaution can truly be a life-saver!

2-Pack Pet Alert Reflective Stickers, $9.99. Each purchase feeds 8 shelter cats.

3. “My Pet Is Home Alone” Wallet Cards & Keychains

On the flip side, what if something happened to you while you were out – and no one knew you had pets at home waiting for you? If you were ever in a situation that left you unable to send help to your pets, having one of these keychains or cards could mean the difference between your animals being cared for or being left alone for days.

2-Pack Wallet Cards, $6.99. Each purchase feeds 8 shelter cats. 

Embroidered Keychain, $6.99. Each purchase feeds 8 shelter cats.

4. Proper-Sized Crates

It is imperative to have kennels for each pet in your family, especially cats and small dogs. As a rule of thumb, the right size would allow for your companion to stand and turn around. You should also take your pet’s preferences into consideration when choosing the material and design (for instance, PetMD suggests getting one with top and side entrances for kennel-hating kitties, which may make crating easier for you). Using carriers is by far the safest way to transport pint-sized pets by car, and if you ever need to evacuate in an emergency, you’ll be glad to have them on hand.

Image Source: Favorite via Amazon


5. Pet CPR Poster

It’s a frightening thought, but the fact is, pets can choke on food or other items, just as humans do. Or, maybe you find yourself in a situation where an animal is unconscious and in need of resuscitation. The only thing worse than seeing an animal suffer is not knowing what to do about it. Go over these pet CPR techniques ahead of time, and keep this poster in a place where it’s easily accessible. Like the items above, it’s worth having this around simply for your own peace of mind!

Pet CPR Poster, $5.99. Each purchase feeds 8 shelter cats.

6. Pet Safety Kit

Parents of adventurous pets should always keep one of these in the car or in their backpack, and it’s also smart to have one at home. Accidents can happen anywhere, and our animals may be more susceptible to certain injuries since they don’t wear clothes or shoes. Bandaids and Ace Bandages aren’t designed for our companions, but this Pet Care Kit can help you patch up the wound until you get to the vet.

Pet Care Kit, $12.99. Each purchase feeds 8 shelter cats. 

7. Portable Pet Bowl

You always make sure your pets have access to fresh water while they’re home, and it should be no different when you take them elsewhere. Whether you’re headed out for a trip to the vet or a long nature hike, bring a water bottle and a portable bowl to make sure they stay hydrated. Even on short outings, if your pet is nervous, he or she may benefit from a few sips of water. This bowl is also easy to grab and go if an emergency event has you evacuating at a moment’s notice.

Foldable Pet Bowl, $7.99. Each purchase feeds 8 shelter cats. 

8. Toxic Cat Foods Magnet

Chances are, you know what your kitty should and shouldn’t eat, but that doesn’t mean everyone at home is as diligent. This clever magnet is especially good for families with children who may need reminding about what they shouldn’t feed the cat! Bonus: the ASPCA Poison Control number is right on there.

Toxic Foods Magnet, $5.99. Each purchase feeds 8 shelter cats. 

9. Emergency Pet Info Magnet

In addition to having emergency numbers programmed into your phone, you can keep them within eyesight on this handy magnet. There are lines to fill in lots of info, and while you may know these things inside and out, other members of your household may not. What’s more, this handy tool is a must-have for pet parents who hire pet sitters while they’re away. Or, if there’s a babysitter watching the kids, he or she should have access to emergency information for all members of the family!

Pet Emergency Info Magnet, $8.99. Each purchase feeds 8 shelter cats. 

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