9 Most Talkative Cat Breeds

| Published on July 28, 2014

Looking for a cat companion to discuss literature, politics, and the future of mankind? These wise felines are up to the challenge, being among the most talkative breeds out there.

#1 – Siamese

Although they have a distinctive look, the Siamese is really known for their communication skills. A true debater, you can talk this cat and he will talk back.


#2 – Oriental

This breed will not only talk to you, but he will scold you if you come home late, tell you about his day, and make sure you know when it’s time to feed him. Need comforting? He will purr you to sleep. (Image Source: @NickolasTitkov via Flickr)


#3 – Balinese

A long-haired version of the Siamese, the Balinese will talk to you, but in a softer voice than his cousin. The Balinese might actually let you have the last word from time to time.


#4 – Tonkinese

Another relative to the Siamese as well as the Burmese, this kitty only talks when it’s got something to say. But, when he does, it may go one for a few minutes to an hour, so be prepared to listen. (Image Source: @SeanNaber via Flickr)


#5 – Singapura

These inquisitive kitties are the smallest of the cat breeds recognizes by the Cat Fancier’s Association. Though soft spoken, they love people and will interact with you throughout their entire lives. (www.cfa.org) (Image Source: @NickolasTitkov via Flickr)


#6 – Siberian

This stunning cat has a lot going for it, including the way it communicates. While the Siamese may yowl to be heard, the Siberian will entrance you with its melodic mews, trills, chirps, and purrs. (www.cfa.org). (Image Source: @KamilAntosiewiczMonika via Flickr).


#7 – Japanese Bobtail

A pro at feline agility and very playful, the Japanese Bobtail has a large vocabulary as well. He will talk to you about anything you wish in soft chirp and mews within five minutes of meeting you. (Image Source: @MichaelVito
via Flickr)


#8 – Thai

Thais are considered “great talkers.” While not loud, they are chatty, and will greet you at the door with a conversation already started and will gladly whisper secrets in your ear. (Image Source: @NickolasTitkov via Flickr)


#9 – Birman

This breed will wait for you to start the conversation, but if you respond to him, watch out. Once you get him talking, he can be hard to stop. (Image Source: @Steve via Flickr)


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