9 Cats Who Look Just Like Their Big Cat Cousins

| Published on October 23, 2016

One of the most remarkable things about our domestic cats is how similar they are to their larger, wild cousins. Despite thousands of years of domestication, house cats and wild cats have some amazing similarities. Especially with more recent cat breeds, we’re beginning to see our house cats appear more and more exotic. This leaves us with some really beautiful felines. These 9 cats are the splitting-image of their big cat cousins!

#1 – There’s Thor, the Bengal cat who looks like a tiger

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#2 – Kovu & Kioni, the Savannahs who look like their Serval ancestors

#3 – Eva, the Bobtail kitten who looks just like a Bobcat

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#4 – Mizu, the cat who looks like a lionness

#5 – Gustav Batman, the gorgeous Maine Coon who looks like a Lynx

#6 – Leila, the Bengal who looks like a Leopard

If you need to find Leila just turn on the waterfall. #leopardcat #bengalsofinstagram

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#7 – Baghy, who looks like a Black Panther

#8 – This beautiful Savannah who looks like a White Tiger

#9 – His gorgeous family member who looks like a Cheetah