8 Cat Breeds That Like Water

Everybody knows cats hate water. But did you know there are several cat breeds that actually like it? While some just enjoy playing in it, some breeds will even go for a swim! Here are 8 cat breeds that like water.


#1 – Abyssinian 

Image Source: Rebecca Siegel via flickr


Abyssinians are thought to be one of the oldest cat breeds. These playful cats are very intelligent and tend to be extroverted. They need a lot of attention from their owners to avoid boredom, so don’t be surprised if they learn how to turn on the faucet to play in the water.

#2 – American Bobtail 

Image Source: torbakhopper via Flickr


Unlike many dog breeds that have their tails docked, the American Bobtail’s short tail is the result of a genetic mutation. These clownish cats are known for dunking their toys into their water dishes, so you may want to consider placing a towel under their water bowl.

#3 – Bengal 

Image Source: roberto shabs via flickr


The distinctive Bengal is gentle and frisky and requires a lot of attention from its owner. As a result of the breed being created with Asian Leopard Cats, Bengals have retained a love of the water and especially enjoy fishing floating objects out of standing water.

#4 – Maine Coon 

Image Source: Jenny Ondioline via flickr


The Maine Coon is one of the largest cat breeds and is known for having a dog-like personality. Some people theorize that their love for water stems from their ancestors spending much of their lives aboard ships. They’re known for scooping water with their paws to drink it.

#5 – Manx 

Image source: A.Davey via flickr


Unlike the American and Japanese Bobtails, which typically have short tails, the Manx can have anything from no tail at all to a long tail, and trying to breed tail-less Manx cats together usually does not result in healthy kittens. These skilled hunters are fond of water.

#6 – Norwegian Forest Cat 

Image Source: Dick Smit via flickr


This large, friendly breed has a waterproof coat they like to put to the test. They are very good at climbing trees and hunting and are liable to scoop fish right out of a fish tank. While they are adapted to living outside in the cold weather, they are perfectly happy inside with their humans.

#7 – Turkish Angora 

Image source: Helena Jacoba via flickr


Angoras are easily trained due to their intelligence and desire to be with their humans. They tend to bond with one family member and may become protective. They love water and have even been known to swim.

#8 – Turkish Van 

Image source: neepster via flickr


The sleek coat of the Turkish Van is more water repellant than most other cats. The Van cat seems to have an unusual fascination with water and is likely to play with the water in the toilet or their water bowl. They are very social, playful, and lively.


Sources: Pawsome Cats, Vet Street, and Cat Time.

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