7 Ways To Keep Your Cat Hydrated This Summer

| Published on July 6, 2016

Proper hydration is necessary for your cat’s body to function like it should. Cats who don’t drink a sufficient amount of water are more susceptible to life threatening health issues. As we move into summer, you’ll want to be more aware of your cat’s drinking habits since hydration also plays a key role in keeping your cat’s body at a stable temperature. Here are 7 tips for keeping your cat hydrated and cool.

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#1 – Provide fresh, cool water In the wild, cats will avoid water that isn’t fresh. That’s because cats instinctively know that contaminated water will make them sick, which is essentially a death sentence for a wildcat who lives in a balance between predator and prey. Your domestic cat may avoid stagnant water for the same reasons (Yes, even if she’s in no real danger of becoming sick from it. Instincts are powerful.) To keep your cat’s water bowl alluring, make sure you refresh the water at least once per day. Related: 7 Ways To Get Your Cat To Drink More Water

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#2 – Provide several options
Cats are more likely to drink water if they’re reminded of it often. Place water bowls in several areas of your home, focusing on your cat’s most traveled routes or hangouts. Having more than one water bowl is even more important if you happen to live in a multi-level or large home. A cat who is feeling lazy from the heat is unlikely to travel far for a drink.


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#3 – Add a few ice cubes Cats like cool water, but it can be hard to keep it cool in the summer, even if you’re making an effort to keep it as fresh as possible. Adding a few ice cubes to each water dish will help keep the water cool and fresh for a while when the air is hot. Related: 5 Summer Dangers and How to Protect Your Cat

#4 – Use a water fountain
Since many cats avoid stagnant water, consider adding a fountain to your home. A fountain will make a flowing, fresh, cool source of water for your cat. This can be especially handy if you aren’t home during the day to refresh the water or pop a few ice cubes into bowls to keep the water cool.


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#5 – Try a new bowl Cats can be very picky about the bowls they eat and drink out of because they have such fine tuned senses. Whether the texture of the bowl feels funny on her tongue, the bowl is giving her water a slight metallic taste, or her whiskers are touching the side of the bowl when she drinks, almost anything can cause her to drink less water. Use different types (materials, textures, sizes, depths) of bowls to place water in several areas of your home. Seeing which bowl she favors can give you valuable information. Related: 5 Amazing Ways Cats Stay Cool In The Hot Summer

#6 – Increase the wet food
In the wild, cats get a decent amount of their required water intake through their food. Fresh prey has a much higher water content than dry kibble. A simple way to increase your cat’s water intake is to add more wet food to her diet.

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#7 – Offer your water
Does your cat ever dip her paw (or even her whole face) into your cup of water? She does that because she knows your own water will be the freshest in the house. It can be frustrating when she does that… but you can use it to your advantage. If you notice that she likes to dip her paw into your cup, fill up a cup or two just for her!

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