7 Tail Positions That All Cat Owners Should Know


Reading feline body language can be difficult without a lot of experience. Even still, many long-time cat owners find themselves in the dark when it comes to understanding what their cats are trying to tell them. Since much of your cat’s communication comes from body language, it’s important to understand what their tails can tell us. Here, we’ll go through various tail positions and what they generally mean.

#1 – High

A cat that’s holding its tail high while walking around is a sign of contentment. If your cat’s tail is held high, your cat is likely very happy and comfortable, even expressing a willingness to be social.

Image source: melissa b. via Flickr

#2 – Low

If your cat’s tail is positioned low, you’ll want to take it easy. Although some breeds carry their tails low naturally, it’s often a signal of potential aggressive behavior.

#3 – Curved

Have you ever noticed your cat’s tail curled like a question mark? This is a playful gesture and means your cat is looking to have some fun. Take a break and enjoy some playful time with your cat.

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