7 Problems Only Cat People Understand

| Published on October 15, 2015

If you have a cat in your home, then you belong to a special group of people that share their lives with an amazing, complex creature, whose secrets you may never fully understand.

It also means you share certain problems that only come with having a cat in your everyday world… or should we say, their world. Here are 7 of those problems. Have some others? Share with us in the comments!

#1 –  Knowing those paws on your face were just in your cat’s toilet

While dog’s go to the bathroom outside and rarely put their paws anywhere near their “potty,” cat’s dig around, sleep and even play in their toilet box…and then they use those same paws to bat at your face. Hope your immune system’s healthy, Mom!

Image source: YouTube.com
Image source: YouTube.com

#2 – Not being able to work because your cat needed a nap…

On your keyboard. Because nowhere else in the ENTIRE EMPTY HOUSE was good enough. But that keyboard you are so interested in, yup, it’s perfect.

Image source: @MilaSample via Flickr

#3 – Falling asleep at morning meetings because your cat decided 3AM was “playtime”

No amount of coffee will help you get over years of interrupted sleep. Babies learn to sleep through the night…cat parents get earplugs…or night jobs.

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#4 – Having a best friend who shows her love by bringing home dead animals and putting them in your shoes

Nothing like putting on a shoe and feeling something squishy inside…what could it be???

Image source: @Janet59 via Flickr
Image source: @Janet59 via Flickr

#5 – The pet you got for company only comes to you when he’s hungry or wants his toilet cleaned.

You’re his slave after all. What, you expected him to associate with the likes of you? Keep dreaming!

Image source: @Edvvc via Flickr
Image source: @Edvvc via Flickr

#6 – If her bathroom isn’t “perfect,” she won’t use it

Dogs go outside. Caged pets go wherever they feel like it because there entire cage is a bathroom and it’s supposed to be that way. Cats, well, you better be using the right type box (hooded, open, large, etc.) and right litter, have the box in the right placement in the home and keep it at the right level of cleanliness. Otherwise, well, your cat won’t use it…but your carpet or bed will work.

Image source: @LauraBittner via Flickr


#7 –  The constant “will she or won’t she” when it comes to eating the food you bought

You finally found a food your cat will eat…two days later, she says no. So you go and buy another $50 bag of cat food. She eats this one. For. a. day. You end up spending $400 a month on enough food to feed 20 cats…luckily your local shelter takes donations. They love you there.

Image source: @KarlisDamrbrans via Flickr