7 Examples Of Ridiculous Cat Logic

| Published on October 7, 2015

There’s no doubt that cats march to the beats of their own drums. Everything from the places they choose to sleep to the toys they invent out of trash can make us scratch our heads. Here are 7 examples of cats doing just that.

#1 – This cat thought it was a good idea to sleep in the dog’s food bowl. 

Image Source: Jennifer Snyder via Flickr.com

#2 – These cats had some funny ideas about comfortable sleeping positions.


#3 – This cat didn’t care one bit about making the dog sleep on the floor after stealing the dog bed.


Image Source: globochem3x1minus1 via Flickr.com

#4 – This cat who thought the trash can lid was the best toy.


#5 – This cat who forgot she hated water. (Don’t try this at home.)


Image Source: Ewen Roberts via Flickr.com

#6 – This cat who thought no toy was better than a bottle top.


#7 – This cat who thought nothing would be more comfortable than sleeping in a tiny, tiny box.


Image Source: Helena Jacoba via Flickr.com