7 Cat Myths Debunked

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on December 18, 2014

Cats can be many things–quirky, aloof, graceful, the list could grow quickly if you were to detail all of their many attributes.  Many people believe cats are a certain way because of some particular (usually unknown) reason. Here are 7 of the most intriguing cat myths debunked… let’s see if you knew the truth about all these cat mysteries!


Myth #1: Why do people say cats have nine lives?

Fact: Although many people believes this to be true due to a cat’s luck, the true meaning for this myth likely originated from the times of Ancient Egypt. When the Egyptian sun god Atum-Ra, of the Ennead commonly known as the Nine, took form he would assume the body of a cat when visiting the underworld. Nine is a mystical number, and with cats many second chances in life this theory certainly rings true for the feline species.

3219653225_c27302f8ac_zSource: @Ghasal via Flickr

Myth #2: Cats always land on their feet

Fact: While many cats have the natural ability to twist their bodies and contort themselves in ways that amaze us, this one is not always true. If the fall for a cat is from a significant height this can actually hurt them even if landing on their feet. These agile creatures are quite graceful and surprise us with the way they have the ability to land safely more times than not. The older a cat gets the less likely they will have the ability to dazzle us with their astonishing dismounts.


7825623454_849650d4d4_zSource: @Siobhan Bennett via Flickr

Myth #3: A cat only purrs when they are happy

Fact: While cats do in fact purr when they are content, they also purr for a few different reasons as well. A cat’s purr is unique, and a special trait that all associate with the feline kind. But while they purr away while happy, they can also purr when they are stressed, frightened, or even during childbirth.


3467506010_df83d9ab49_zSource: @Dave B via Flickr

Myth #4: All cats hate water

Fact: This one may be true for some cats with a strong disliking towards H2O, but there are certain cat breeds that are naturally drawn to water–with some even liking it! Breeds such as the Bengal and the Turkish Angora have a fondness for water and enjoy playing with it, whether it be found from a running faucet/bath tub, with some even interested in taking a dip.

2748514848_946dff9e82_zSource: @Jillian Northrup via Flickr

Myth #5: Milk is good for cats

Fact: Contrary to popular belief and imagery painted for decades of cats drinking milk from saucers, milk is not good for your cat’s digestion. Although your cat may take to it easily if you were to serve them milk it’s important not to do so for their health’s sake. A cat’s digestive system doesn’t have the ability to break down lactose the way a human’s can, so by giving your cat milk you are subjecting them to serious gastrointestinal issues.

5280951007_e897080d81_zSource: @aerie via Flickr

Myth #6: Cats are nocturnal animals

Fact: While some cats may seem to come alive at night (especially when you are ready to get some sleep), cats are not actually nocturnal by nature. Despite your cat having keen eyesight and the ability to see at night, they cannot see in total darkness. Much like their wild cat relatives who do most of their hunting at dawn and/or dusk, these are the times of day when your cat is thought to be most active.

4746214668_9a161eb49c_zSource: @Jamie Baker via Flickr

Myth #7: A pregnant woman shouldn’t own a cat

Fact: Sadly, some pets aren’t a top priority for couples once a child enters the family dynamic–which can be especially true for cats. While owning a cat is perfectly healthy for a pregnant woman, changing the cat’s litter box is not. The parasitic disease Toxoplasmosis can be spread to a pregnant woman when changing the litter box, so if possible it’s best to have someone else in the family handle the task while the bun is in the oven. If a woman doesn’t have this option, then wearing latex gloves while handling the litter should absolutely be used as a precaution.


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