6 Ways Your Cat Can Enjoy The Outdoors In Safety

When the weather gets warmer, almost everyone wants to enjoy it – and that may include your cat! If you feel bad while your kitty stares yearningly out the window, yet you’re too afraid to let her free-roam outside, don’t worry – there are several solutions!

Our cats’ safety and happiness are our top priorities, and letting them explore the outdoors could expose them to lots of threats: diseases, cat fights, predators, poisonous animals, and cat-nappers, to name a few. If you choose to let your cat out using one of the safer options below, always stay outside to supervise and always make sure your kitty is up-to-date on monthly flea/tick control and yearly vaccinations. Your safest bet is to check with your vet before making any lifestyle changes for your cat.

Below are 6 ways that your cat can enjoy the temperate weather in comfort and safety. In fact, the two of you will be getting fresh air together while bonding at the same time!

1. Leash Training

Most cat parents would love to take their kitties on a stroll, but the fact is, not all felines will cooperate when attached to a leash. The best way to train your cat is to get them used wearing a harness and start leash training as young as possible. If yours is already past kittenhood, you can still try teaching her with treats and positive reinforcement. If she’s naturally curious about the outdoors, you may have some luck!

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2. Harness & Lead

If your cat isn’t a huge fan of going on walks, you can still put that harness to use. Attach it to a lead that’s secured in the ground, or even around a sturdy tree, and let him explore. Although he can’t go too far, never leave him outside unattended, and always check the area for creatures lurking in the grass.


3. Kitty Stroller

You can take your cat for a jaunt in a stroller that’s specifically designed for pets. Mesh panels keep your kitty secure while allowing her to soak up the sights, sounds, and smells all around her!


4. Cat Carrier

If your kitty loves her carrier, take her outside for some fresh air while she remains safely in it. You can purchase one with mesh panels on the sides for optimum visibility. This is a great option if you want to sit and read outside or enjoy a picnic with your best friend in tow.


5. Outdoor Cat Playpen 

If kitty could use a little more space than a carrier can provide, consider getting him an enclosed outdoor playpen. There, he can run, lounge, frolic, and observe – all from within the safety of the pen.


6. Catio Space

If you haven’t heard of catios, you need to! These are small outdoor additions that can be easily accessed by your cat. They’re also surprisingly affordable, and you can purchase plans to build one yourself! Short on space? No problem. Choose a design that attaches right to your window.

Image Source: Catio Spaces


If you’ve got a little extra room in your yard or patio, you can build a customized catio where you can enjoy the outdoors alongside your kitty! Click here for more info on catios.

Image Source: Catio Spaces


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