6 Reasons Your Cat Wants You to Adopt Another Cat

| Published on October 5, 2015

Sometimes I think we’re all just one good reason away from adopting another cat. Since shelters are overflowing all around the country, I’m happy to give you SIX reasons why adopting another cat is in your cat’s best interest.


Image Source: frankieleon via Flickr.com

#1 – Cuddles
There’s only one thing sweeter than seeing your two beloved cats cuddling up together in a sunbeam… and that’s BEING one of those cats!



Image Source: a_marga via Flickr.com

#2 – Playtime
If your cat has ever attacked your feet while you’re sleeping you’ll know that our cats often like to play when we’re preoccupied. Adding another cat to your family will give your cat a built-in playmate to tumble with when you aren’t available.



Image Source: Jon Ross via Flickr.com

#3 – Double Mischief
This one might not benefit you, but your cat will appreciate having another cat around to get into mischief with. When we adopted a new cat a couple years ago, my first cat was overjoyed with how much easier (and more fun!) it was to have double the paws to pull the trash bags out from the cabinet to scatter them all over the kitchen floor. Hey, at least they’re cute!


Image Source: Houser Wolf via Flickr.com

#4 – Help with Grooming
Cats are generally very good at grooming themselves… but we all like to be pampered sometimes.



Image Source: Pargon via Flickr.com

#5 – Full-Body Space Heater
Wouldn’t winter be so much better if you had a full body-sized cat to snuggle up with to keep you warm? Yeah, your cat thinks so too.



Image Source: iris via Flickr.com

#6 – Exercise Coach
One of my favorite things about having two cats is watching them zoom up and down the hallway every evening. Knowing that they’re getting the exercise and stimulation they need to stay healthy makes up for the mess they make when they inevitably knock over their water bowl.