6 Reasons to Choose a Cats-Only Veterinary Clinic

| Published on September 2, 2015

Many cat parents state their cat’s anxiety as a reason for avoiding important annual wellness checkups and preventative care. These days, there are clinics springing up all over the country that cater specifically to cats, which take special steps to make your cat as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Check out zzcat.com for a list of cats-only veterinary clinics in your area. If there aren’t any cats-only clinics, consider a clinic that is associated with the American Association of Feline Practitioners. These clinics, while not exclusively feline-focused, have gone to great lengths to become feline-friendly.


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1. Less Anxiety and Stress For Your Cat

Trips to the clinic are stressful for your cat partly because of the smells, sounds, and sight of dogs and other unfamiliar animals. In a cats-only clinic, your cat will only smell other cats. That may be stressful too, but not as stressful as being a few feet from an excited Husky in the waiting room.

Anxiety and stress can throw off the results of certain tests, so a cats-only clinic can even help with correctly diagnosing and treating your cat too!


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2. They’ll Use Synthetic Feline Facial Pheromone Diffusers

When your cat rubs her cheek against your hand, she is using the pheromones from the glands in her face to mark you as a safe and secure part of her life. Most cats-only clinics employ diffusers of synthetic facial pheromones, which can trick an otherwise anxious cat into feeling safe and comfortable.


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3. The Staff Has Chosen to Work With Cats

The majority of the staff at an all-cat clinic won’t be working there by accident. Most have purposely chosen to devote their lives to feline health. That means you can assume that everyone who interacts with and handles your cat– from the receptionist to your veterinarian to the lab worker– is a cat lover.


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4. Staff Will Receive Cat-Specific Training

As you know, a cat’s body language clue can mean something totally different if the same clue is given by a dog. Just think of a wagging tail. The staff at a cat-only clinic will be well-versed in feline body language, behavior, and handling techniques. A cat whose subtle language is being understood and respected will be less anxious.


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5. Staff Will Be Up-to-Date With Feline-Specific Techniques

There are new studies, techniques, tools, and resources being made available constantly. Staff at a clinic devoted to cats will be more able to keep up with the latest news and technology, which can benefit your cat’s health and happiness.


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6. Veterinarian Will Have More Cat Experience

A veterinarian who works with cats all day every day will, by default, have more experience working with cats. If your cat ever develops a chronic or rare illness, a cat-focused veterinarian will likely have more experience treating the specific problem.

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