6 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat

| Published on August 6, 2015

Senior cats (who are 7+ years old) are often overlooked by potential adopters who are wooed by their younger, more playful, kitten-faced counterparts at adoption events. While senior cats may not be the right choice for, say, a household full of rowdy children, they can be the perfect addition to a quiet home. Read on to find out how a senior cat may be the right choice for you.


Image Source: Hotash via Flickr.com

1. Already spayed or neutered
A cat who has made it to seniorhood has likely already been spayed or neutered. This means no surprise kittens, of course, but there are additional benefits to spaying and neutering too. A spayed female will be less prone to mammary cancer and will be naturally immune to tumors on her reproductive tract (because the reproductive tract will be gone). A neutered male is less likely to exhibit behavior problems such as aggression and spraying.


Image Source: Julie Duffy via Flickr.com

2. Litter box trained
A senior cat will have had many years to learn and perfect the art of proper litter box use. Getting him to use it should be as quick and easy as simply showing him where to find the box.


Image Source: Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue via Flickr.com

3. Developed personality
Senior cats already have fully developed personalities, so there will be no surprises. What you see is what you get. Many shelters will also have records of a senior cat’s pervious home, which may let you know if your cat has previously lived with other cats, dogs, or children.


Image Source: Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue via Flickr.com

4. No jumping on the counters
A senior cat will be less spry than a younger cat, which means he won’t be jumping up onto your counters or dinner table.


Image Source: Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue via Flickr.com

5. More calm, less mischief 
By the time a cat reaches a ripe old senior age, he’ll be less interested in being wild and full of mischief and more interested in sleeping and cuddling.


Image Source: Maja Dumat via Flickr.com

6. You’ll be saving a life
Despite the advantages of adopting a senior cat, they are often overlooked by potential adopters. Many shelters resort to euthanizing senior cats each spring to make room for the influx of “more adoptable” kittens. By adopting a senior cat you will literally be saving a life.