6 Most Independent Cat Breeds

| Published on January 28, 2015

While cats are known for being relatively independent and easy to care for, some breeds are definitely more snuggly than others. Remember that all cats need love and attention if they’re going to be happy and healthy, but some handle alone time well. If you’re looking for a cat that will enjoy spending time with you but also does really well if you’re away a lot, check out these breeds below!

#1 – Russian Blue


This beautiful breed is loving but independent and does well spending ample time alone. They do well in apartments and can be relatively shy with strangers.

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#2 – British Shorthair


British Shorthairs are unique cats that do well on their own and make great cats for active families or owners who are often away from home. Despite their independence, they do enjoy spending time in your lap when you are home.

#3 – Norwegian Forest Cat


This breed developed naturally in northern Europe and is well-adapted to very cold weather. Because of their semi-domestic nature, they fare well with owners who are often away.

#4 – Scottish Fold


Scottish Folds are well-known for their unique, folded ears that make them so memorable. These adorable cats are playful and loving, but are self-contained enough to do well with owners who need to be away for long hours.

#5 – Maine Coon


This large breed does need regular grooming because of its long coat, but does well with less attention than other breeds might require. They are affectionate but still able to stay home alone all day without becoming depressed.

#6 – Persian


Persians are an old breed that does well with little attention during the day from anything but a favorite sofa or bed. They are very affectionate with their owners but shy towards strangers and do not like constant attention. They are independent and do well when left alone.

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