5 Times Your Cat Thought It’s Needs Came Way Before Yours

| Published on July 16, 2015

Sometimes us cat lovers can’t help but to infatuate ourselves with how truly awesome our cats are. I mean just look at them – they’re adorable, entertaining, smart, and don’t even require a leash for potty training. It’s great! And trust me, they think they’re pretty great too. Well, maybe a little too much at times…

Here are 5 times our feline friends totally thought their needs and wants were way higher on the priority list than ours:

1. Any One Say Keyboard Nap Time?

“Oh my, that computer keyboard that you appear to be typing your 7 page research paper on, that’s worth half your grade, and is due at midnight, which is in one hour, looks SUPER comfortable right now.”



“I’m just going to – ah yeah – just as cozy as I remembered. Goodnight, human. Hope you pass your class.”



But our keyboards are’t the only inconvenient place cats use as their sleeping headquarters.

2. Body Parts & Pillows Are the Same Thing, Right?

Wrong. They aren’t.



And does Miss Cocoa care that you might feel the need to switch sleeping positions throughout the night? No. She most certainly does not.

3. Fragile objects that lay upon your kitchen counter are just way more fun to play with than some little mouse toy. Obviously.

“But pens and expensive glass flower vases that shatter when I push them off the counter and scatter sharp, tiny pieces of glass all over your kitchen floor are my favorite things to play with!”



Yeah, uh huh, I’m sure they’re an absolute blast…now excuse me while I dodge shards of glass on the way to get the broom and dust pan.

4. Apparently having 9 lives and whiskers means that your hunger is of the upmost importance, all day everyday.

Who cares that you slept through all of your alarms this morning and are now half an hour late for work? I don’t know, but it sure aint your cat.

“Um, hello? Human? Yes good morning. I’m going to need you to stop running around the kitchen like a crazy person and prepare me a bowl of Fancy Feast ASAP. I’ll take a can of the Whitefish & Tuna. Thank you.”



It’s almost a guaranteed fact that until you drop literally everything you are doing at that exact moment, your cat will not stop meowing at you. Guess you’re going to be real late to work today…

5. Your stair case also acts as a feline tanning bed, in case you were wondering.

Nobody loves soaking up the sun’s rays as they beam through your foyer windows as much as your cat. Even if it does mean they are clearly in everyones way.

“Oh I’m sorry, were you trying to use the only form of transportation from the second level of the house to the first? My bad.”



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