5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Oriental Shorthair

With bat-like ears and lean, mean bodies, these striking cats are truly unique in appearance. For those who may not be familiar with this awesome cat breed, the Oriental Shorthair is a favorite among many cat lovers. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about the Oriental Shorthair:

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1. They Are Hypoallergenic

While no cat is ever going to be 100% allergy-free to humans, the Oriental Shorthair is reported to trigger almost little to no allergies for those who are said to be allergic to cats. Fun fact: An Oriental Shorthair can become jealous or even territorial with their human companion. (See more hypoallergenic cat breeds)

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2. They Are The Smartest of All Cat Breeds

It may be hard to decide which cat breed is head of the class due to stipulations in each breed, but many report that the Oriental Shorthair is among the smartest (if not the smartest) of all cat breeds. These intelligent cats enjoy interaction, stimulation, play time, and are naturally inquisitive by nature even more so than your typical cat.

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3. The Oriental Shorthair Has More Color And Patterns Than Any Other Cat Breed

These rainbow cats come in every pattern and color you could possibly imagine, at almost 300 combos to be exact. Some have stripes, others are solid, but all true Orientals share the same angular face, large expressive eyes, tall pharaoh-like ears, and limber lengthy bodies. Despite the unique colors, there is no mistaking an Oriental Shorthair for any other breed given their distinctive appearance. Fun fact: The Oriental Shorthair is a result of man-made crossbreeding between the Siamese, Abyssinian, and the Russian Blue.

4. They Are Born Entertainers

This breed is very vocal, loves to be the center of attention, and will always keep you guessing with what they are going to do next. The Oriental is a great cat choice for an active family that will give their cat lots of love and attention as this is a true requirement of the breed. Orientals do not do well in environments where they are left alone often, as they crave attention and can even become depressed–much like the Siamese which they share bloodlines with.

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5. They Are Super Talkative 

For anyone that owns an Oriental Shorthair, they will agree that these cats make no bones about conversing and grabbing your undivided attention. If you are wanting a cat that yearns to be near you, keeps you guessing, and is devoted to being your loyal companion, look no further than the Oriental Shorthair. For more on why exactly a cat may be meowing, check out 9 Reasons Why Your Cat Keeps Meowing.


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