5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Ocicat

These beautiful spotted kitties may look like cats straight from the wild, but they’re actually 100% domesticated cat. From their long, sleek bodies to their dazzling array of dots, the Ocicat is a favorite among many cat admirers. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about the Ocicat cat breed:

 4206112022_01dc072fb6_zSource: neekoh.fi via Flickr

1. Surprisingly Domestic Despite the Wild Name

Although these cats are strikingly similar to the wild Ocelot cat, they do not share any wild bloodlines. Fun fact: This is one healthy cat breed, with an expected life span of 15-18 years.

 90via vetstreet.com

2. Accidental Cat Breed

In 1964, a breeder thought to cross a Siamese with an Abyssinian, with the theory that this would develop an Abyssinian pointed Siamese looking offspring. Much to their surprise, the result was a group of ivory coated, beautifully spotted kittens. The breeder thought to name this beautiful new cat breed an Ocicat, in reference to the wild Ocelot cat.

(vetstreet.com is an online source for information on all registered cat breeds, care tips, and vet advice.)

 5272837665_b79d1b112f_zSource: Nickolas Titkov via Flickr

3. Long and Sleek, but Don’t Let That Fool You

Even though the Ocicat has a long, sleek frame, if you were to pick one up you might be surprised at just how heavy they are. An Ocicat may be slim overall, but they are big boned and have substantial muscle underneath all those spots. Fun fact: The Ocicat comes in a variety of 12 different color options, ranging in varieties of chocolate, silver, lavender, cinnamon, and blue.

 5272836275_0ca77c0d72_zSource: Nickolas Titkov via Flickr

4. Social Butterflies

The Ocicat is a rather social kitty that does great in environments with children and constant interaction. These cats have a lot of energy, and like bonding with their humans and being a part of the mix. An Ocicat is devoted and playful, with a strong desire to be near others, even following their human family members from room to room. Awe!


2via ocicatbreed.com

5. Leader Cat

With their outgoing personalities, the Ocicat is a natural leader than can quickly become the head cat in a household with other cats. These cats also do well in homes with cat-friendly dogs, and you may find it rather interesting that an Ocicat will run the roost with the dogs, too. If you’re looking for a beautifully spotted cat that’s awesome in busy households, than the extroverted Ocicat may be just the cat breed for you!

(ocicatbreed.com is a website that is entirely dedicated to this beautiful breed.)

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