5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Havana Brown Breed

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on March 13, 2015

With their shiny chocolate brown coats and majestic green eyes, the Havana Brown is a lovely cat breed known for it’s remarkably striking appearance. Aside from their beauty, do you even know what country these cats hail from? And don’t let the Havana fool you into thinking Cuba, but there is an association to this country for another reason. Here is the answer to that question and other fun facts you didn’t know about the Havana Brown cat breed:

 bannerHavanaBrownSource: cfa.org

1. Havana For Color, Not Origin

Many might mistakingly assume that these cats are originally from Cuba, but Thailand was were these unique “brown cats” were originally produced. English breeders in the 1950’s crossed seal point Siamese cats with black domestic shorthairs and Russian Blues to create their desired hybrid cat with bright green eyes and glossy brown coats. As a result of successful breeding in England, the Havana Brown we know today was born. Given the color resembling that of a fine Cuban cigar, the official title for the breed was derived to describe this special breed.

(cfa.org is the website for the Cat Fanciers Association, established in 1906. Here you can find detailed information on any of the registered cat breeds to date.)

 havana-brown-cat-1-400x266Source: naipet.com

2. These Cats Are Not To Be Left Alone Often

If you don’t spend much time at home, then a Havana Brown is certainly not the breed of cat for you. These social cats thrive on human interaction and attention, with a dire need to be with their human whenever they are around. While many Havana Brown cats love to cuddle, they also enjoy play time and are quite energetic. Fun fact: the Havana Brown is still an extremely rare cat breed. It is estimated that there are fewer than 1,000 cats in existence in the entire world!

(naipet.com is a Vietnamese website that features information on many different dog and cat breeds along with health care tips for pets.)

profile1Source: cfa.org

3. Havana Brown Cats Have One Very Special Trait

Surprisingly, these cats even have brown whiskers to match their tobacco-colored coat. No other cat breed to date shares this feature, and the brown whiskers are even a standard of the breed to be registered pedigree. Fun fact: This breed is often referred to as the “Chocolate Delight” by Havana Brown enthusiasts.

 profile3Source: cfa.org

4. Paws with a Purpose

Havana Brown cats are naturally curious by nature, even more so than other cat breeds. As a means to sate their curiosities, these cats use their paws to reach out and touch things that strike their fancy. For a Havana Brown, their paws are used to do their detective work when they find something that catches their interest. Fun fact: These cats have a uniquely shaped head, which is longer than it is wide, much unlike other cat breeds today.

 14771583047_be0dc6d5f6_zSource: Lil Shepherd via Flickr

5. Cat at Your Service

This breed does not do well being left out of the loop. If you are in your home and you shut a door and they are left on the other side, they use their paws and their voice to get your attention and get them on the other side of that door in a hurry. If you want a cat that will always be at your feet just waiting to give you attention or entertain you, then a Havana Brown is the perfect cat for you!

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