5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Domestic Shorthair

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on January 6, 2019

References like tomcat, alley cat, and house cat can all describe this breed that we’ve known for ages and all love. So, what do you think you really know about this blended breed that has captured the heart of millions? Some are big, others are small, and while some have stripes, others are solid. Besides the obvious things that we all know about them, here are 5 things you didn’t know about the world’s most popular cat breed, the domestic shorthair:

467617661_ed50c10e1a_zSource: mongider via Flickr

1. Domestic Shorthairs Are Always  On The Hunt

On average, a domestic shorthair that travels outside of the home will spend up to 6 hours a day just hunting! These cats earned their passage to the United States aboard the Mayflower, praised for their natural ability to control the rodent population on ships. This breed is a working class cat that isn’t afraid to go to work! You will find that they have a love of the outdoors, and don’t be surprised if they bring you home some of their “prizes” showing off to you that they’ve got the hunting skills, and you don’t.

37157767_3bbde1f750_zSource: Marilyn via Flickr

2. Despite The Variety Of Genetics, They All Share Common Characteristics

Although a domestic shorthair can come in about any color and size, overall they are usually a muscular, hearty cat that is bigger in size and stature. The domestic shorthair has a noticeably round-shaped head and round paws as well. These cats are known for being healthy, but watch out, these felines have a love of eating–and if not careful, can become obese easily. Guess Garfield must have been a domestic shorthair!

6212419510_2838e70ed0_zSource: Maxwell Hamilton via Flickr

3. They Are Easy Peasy Kitty Cats

This breed is a healthy cat with a long life span if kept indoors. The domestic shorthair requires little grooming, does well with children, as well as other pets in the home. Not bad for a cat that many people commonly refer to as a “mutt”. Sadly, due to the overpopulation of cats, many shelters are filled with domestic shorthairs due to their abundance. If you want a healthy, loving, special cat, than try any local shelter to give one of these awesome kitties a forever home!

8695146433_91d52983a7_zSource: A.Davey via Flickr

4. They Are A+ Students 

Due to natural breeding with no human intervention, meaning a larger genetic pool, the domestic shorthair are some of the smartest cats of all. These highly intelligent cats can learn quickly, eagerly respond to having their names called, and have a memory that is as sharp as a tack. Fun fact: the American Shorthair and the domestic shorthair were once classified as the same thing, until 1966 when this changed and the American Shorthair was classified in a breed of its own. See more : 8 Smartest Cat Breeds

4915834465_1035b59e59_zSource: cobalt123 via Flickr

5. They Can/Will Adopt You

A domestic shorthair is notorious for owning you, and not you owning them. If you have a soft spot in your heart for the feline kind, chances are that at least once in your life a domestic shorthair has adopted you. One day, when you least expect it, this little (well, maybe big) cat shows up at your door meowing for food and in need of love. These cats are very friendly and love people, and low and behold, they’ve wisely chosen you as their loving owner. And how do they repay you? By being loyal to you as long as you let them. Awe!


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