5 Things You Didn’t Know About Persian Cats

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on January 15, 2015

These distinctively recognizable cats gained widespread popularity in the United States shortly after their arrival in the 1970s. With their long coats, pushed in faces and tiny noses they are adored by many and still increasingly popular today. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Persian Cats:

5343370941_ba37a51f69_z-2Source: Magnus Bråth via Flickr

1. Head of the class

This cat breed is said to be one of the oldest of breeds, dating back to the 1500s, and is still noted as the most popular cat breed today–and has been for the past 30 years. This elegant breed is known for its docile personality and charmingly sweet nature making them the preferred choice of many cat owners worldwide.

458255662_43dfcd1a26_zSource: patti via Flickr

2. Are you prepared to work?

As any Persian cat owner can attest, owning one of these cats doesn’t come easily. Grooming is a major requirement for a Persian, and requires daily attention to keep them looking fresh and tangle-free. To manage all that fur, some Persian owners opt to keep their cat’s hair short for less routine maintenance.

14734169724_d7bf98d779_zSource: Andrey via Flickr

3. Furniture with fur

Due to their ability to be inactive for long periods of time, the Persian breed rightfully owned the nickname “furniture with fur” due to their inherent laziness. Although many Persians can be lovable and playful at times, they are not a hyperactive breed by any means. Looking that good must require lots of beauty sleep. The plus side is that this breed makes the ultimate lap kitty companion.

9794043186_9c12a31b46_zSource: Michael Semensohn via Flickr

4. Good-mannered by nature

A Persian is the perfect cat breed for anyone that might be worried about their cat running amuck and destroying their home while they are away. Not overly curious or adventurous by nature, the Persian is trustworthy in that it won’t be caught shredding your curtains or sabotaging other things inside your home. This breed is calm and quiet and if it wasn’t for all that fur, you might not even notice they are there half the time with their kitty manners always intact.

3898537243_1303a07e38_zSource: Hope Abrams via Flickr

5. Kids? No, not for me

Persians tend to be a bit shy and this breed does not do well with loud noises or lots of disruption in the home. Kids have a tendency for being unpredictable at times and a home with small children may not be the ideal environment for this cat breed that is a bit reclusive and shy.

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