5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Cat’s Paws

A cat’s paws are irresistable to any cat lover. If you actually think about it, they kinda look a little like upside down teddy bears. So maybe that’s the reason that we love them so much! But besides the obvious cuteness, and the fact that they help your cat to get around, there are some interesting tidbits of information that you may not know about them. Here’s our list of 5 fun facts you didn’t know about your cat’s paws:

4210280885_14c7df7fc0_zSource: Lorna Mitchell via Flickr

1. Digitigrade Walkers?

Rather than walk on the heels of their feet like we humans do, cats actually walk only on the balls and and fingertips of their feet only.

8371499139_331049f356_zSource: Evan Blaser via Flickr

2. Claw Bones

Unlike the way human’s nails grow from the flesh of the fingertips, a cat’s grows from their bones. So this clearly explains why declawing is a MAJOR no-no and super painful to poor kitty.

6812816_23b25296fb_zSource: Jorge via Flickr

3. Detection of Temperature

It’s been reported that in Japan, many cat owners check on the well-being of their cat simply by checking their paws–as if they are taking their temperature. If the cat’s paw was to feel overly hot, then this could be a sign that their cat has developed a fever and would need to see a vet. Pretty interesting, right?!

3994566097_c2fbafaa42_zSource: Cuito Cuanavale via Flickr

4. Unique, Just Like a Human’s Fingerprint

If you look closely, you would be able to see that a cat’s paw has tiny grooves in it similar to a human’s fingerprint. And oddly enough, you could even register your cat’s paw print to unlock your iPhone. Don’t believe us? Well, check out this little video below!

5. Thick Paw Pads for Good Reason!

Those jellybean like toes and thick paw pads serve as shock absorbers for your cat–bracing for impact on all those high jumps. And the best part? Their thick pads allow them to hunt almost silently when stalking their prey. Get ’em, kitty!

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