5 Cat Origins That May Surprise You…

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on January 29, 2015

Some cats origins are rather easy to guess, like the American Shorthair or the Scottish Fold, but what about cat breeds like the Manx or the Bombay? Let’s see if you can guess them right:

162009565_75e1cfd0f3_zSource: carophoto via Flickr

1. Sphynx

This one is actually the only cat breed to come from Canada. Although they look almost like Egyptian statues with their tall ears and wide-set eyes, this breed came about after selective breeding from a kitten that was born hairless in Canada during the late 1960s. Through a lot of work from some very passionate Sphynx lovers, this breed gained success after careful selective breeding.

3892770086_b4ac1280de_zSource: Dominique JABLONSKI via Flickr

2. Bombay

Despite the reference to the capital city in India, this stunning black cat breed originated in the United States. With their witchy black coats and distinctive yellow eyes, the Bombay has the quintessential spooky appearance you see in festive Halloween decor.

 1303980211_c528a18a11_zSource: Kara Reuter via Flickr

3. Havana Brown

With their rich chocolate coats and beautiful green eyes, the majestic Havana Brown is easily recognizable to many cat lovers. And although the name resembles that of the Cuban capital city, this cat breed originates from the United Kingdom. These smart cats are also known in England as the Chestnut Brown and came to existence during the 1950s.

2472858352_25014d4b6f_zSource: Watchcaddy via Flickr

4. Bengal

This spotted cat breed is known for its lovable antics and wildly fun personality; originating in the United States through the process of hybrid breeding. The Bengals we know today are thought to be from the crossing of a domesticated feline with an Asian leopard cat. And if that sounds fancy it certainly is, as this high-quality breed also comes with a high price tag attached.


5. Manx

Although they typically resemble your traditional American tabby cat minus the tale, this breed came about off the coast of the British Isles from a tiny island known as the Isle of Man. This tailless cat was first referred to as the Manks, and came to be as a naturally occurring genetic mutation that caused them to be tailless at birth.

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